Top 5 Mobile App Payment Gateways for Android & iOS 2022

Thursday, March 24th, 2022

You can find a myriad of mobile-app payment gateways in today’s market. How can you make the right choice for your business needs? What are the top app payment gateways for Android and iOS 2022?

Best App Payment Gateways for Android and iOS

Thanks to the advances in the technology world, online purchases have become inseparably linked to our daily lives. Mobile-payment gateway apps enable users to safely process payments via a mobile device when purchasing goods or services online.

A mobile-app payment gateway serves as a mediator between processed transactions and the financial institution. Here is a list of the top app-payment gateway services for 2022:

  • PayPal delivers services in 190 countries and supports 26 different currencies. With PayPal, you can create free accounts with a nominal charge of 2.9% per transaction.
  • Braintree: charges a fee of 2.9% – 0.30% per online transaction. Moreover, you can enjoy ACH Direct Debit transaction processing at 0.75% per transaction, which doesn’t exceed $5 per transaction. 
  • Stripe: accepts credit cards, Apple Pay, debit cards, as well as Bitcoin payments. The services are available in more than 130 countries, and the pricing is 2.9% per transaction.
  • Square Capital: boasts fool-proof security, encrypts data, provides fraud-protection techniques, and notifies users of suspicious activities. The transaction fees make up 2.9% per transaction.
  • WePay provides more than one online-payment integration and doesn’t charge any hidden fees, monthly fees, or any joining fees. With WePay, you can enjoy a highly intuitive interface.
  • Authorize.Net: comes with an all-in-one package including both a merchant account and a payment gateway. The charges include a $25 per-month fee and a $0.10 per-transaction fee for its payment gateway services. 

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App Payment Gateways for Android/ iOS 2022 You Need for Your Business 

The modern market is overwhelmed with app payment getaways. Thankfully, there are experts in payments that can help you make the right choice.

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