The 10 Best Bitcoin Merchant Account

Bitcoin, the famed digital peer-to-peer currency founded in 2009 by someone or perhaps a group of people named Satoshi Nakamoto, is enjoying a steady, growing acceptance by businesses world-wide.


Even with the growing acceptance, this virtual currency and its merchants are still considered high-risk. Most notably, the fault lies in the bitcoins themselves. 


The greatest threat is their value. Bitcoins have been coined a “speculator’s currency”. The investor is taking on a bet that the value of the bitcoin will remain the same or increase. Unfortunately, their value is completely determined by what people are willing to trade for them. This can lead to extreme volatility.


Despite the hassles and the risk, many bitcoin merchants see how accepting bitcoins can widen their consumer base, demonstrate a “forward-thinking” view on currency, and reduce chargebacks.


Bitcoin merchant service providers are certainly seeing this trend and potential. The following 10 bitcoin merchant service providers want to facilitate and propagate the use of bitcoins for more businesses. Check out these providers below to determine which would best suit your business.

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