The 10 Best CBD Merchant Accounts

Although in its infancy, the market for CBD (Cannabidiol oil) has exploded. As more and more people are seeking natural, non-pharmaceutical means to heal their bodies, CBD oil has been praised for treating anxiety, depression and severe pain. There is even the possibility of it being powerful enough to cure cancer, however, there is still much research to be done.

As the number of countries that are embracing CBD continue to grow, more are legalizing this miraculous substance. However, other countries are not too keen on making it legally available to its citizens.

With its controversial nature, banks are naturally less enthusiastic about embracing CBD merchants. The legality and efficiency of the product has experienced an on-going debate. Some governments restrict the amount of research to be conducted.

So what is a CBD Merchant to do? Look no further than these 10 CBD Merchant Providers. They have a solid history of not only dealing with the nature of high-risk merchant accounts, but many of these keep their proverbial finger on the pulse of this ever-growing, and evolving CBD industry.

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Why DirectPayNet:

Servicing the US, Europe, and Canada, DirectPayNet offers payment solutions for high- risk businesses and industries.

Founded in 2009, as a full service Merchant Services Provider, DirectPayNet prides itself on being one of the first companies to back and support fledgling CBD entrepreneurs.

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