The Top 10 eWallet Solutions

An e-wallet can be a convenient, secure way to make purchases, both in-person and online. Simply put, an e-wallet is a digital card connected to your bank account, sometimes with a prepaid amount available. 

The software of the e-wallet encrypts the sensitive information encoded within it, providing an extra level of security when making transactions. It also reduces the likelihood of losing your physical bank card. And the information is password-protected, so you’re safe even if you lose your smart device. 

E-wallets can help settle payments when you don’t have cash and are a good way to make secure online purchases. They also bring a level of security while still allowing you to reap the benefits of your traditional card, such as points and bonuses. 

We have broken down the 10 best e-wallets in the UK to help you decide on which one is best for your use.

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Rebranded from LeuPay to LeoPay in 2018.

The Pros

The first two physical Visa cards are free with no issuing or monthly fees. Free IBAN accounts in over 10 currencies. Can access your account both online and through their mobile app for easy management. Free peer-to-peer transfers. Instant notifications about account activity. Direct debit options for 50p per transaction. Quick and easy setup.

The Cons

There are some negative reviews online that cite funds being withheld, as well as accounts being closed down. 

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Neteller is similar to Skrill in their origin having mostly to do with online gambling sites, but has evolved to include more options.

The Pros

Instant money transfers. They have an app for easy account management. It can be used to claim winnings through online gambling sites.

The Cons

Negative online reviews cite poor customer service.

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Founded in 2000, ecoPayz is one of the oldest e-wallets around. They provide access to both a digital card and prepaid Mastercard.

The Pros

No charges for peer-to-peer transfers. Easy and quick setup that doesn’t require a bank account or credit check. Offers monthly promotions and offers.

The Cons

They don’t have a mobile app available for easy account management.

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WorldRemit provides money transfer solutions for individuals in many different countries who want to send money locally or abroad.

The Pros

Low and transparent costs. Transfers typically completed within minutes. A lot of positive reviews available online. Offers cash to local pick-up services, depending on the country. You can manage your money through their app.

The Cons

Some negative reviews cited poor customer service. Exchange rates can be on the higher end.

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Skrill originally started out as a money service for online gambling but has evolved to include more e-wallet services

The Pros

Can make payments online or through apps. Easy to sign-up. Transfer winnings from gambling websites.

The Cons

There are some fees depending on the type of transaction. Some reviews find fault with their fraud protection services.

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Google Pay

Like Apple Pay, Google Pay is a huge name for e-wallets, servicing millions of customers every year.

The Pros

It can store multiple debit and credit cards, as well as manage airline boarding passes and tickets, movie tickets, gift cards, and set reminders to use store loyalty cards when you enter their shop. Works online, with hundreds of apps, and in most stores where Apple Pay is accepted. Easy to use app for money transfer and management. No fees on most transfers or payments. Quick and easy setup.

The Cons

Possibility of funds being held if there is any suspicious activity.

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Papaya is a relatively new company that provides support for online payments and prepaid Mastercards for both businesses and individuals.

The Pros

Easy fund transfer and online purchasing power through their browser. You can use the ATM with their Mastercard. Quick and easy setup.

The Cons

Limited amount of reviews available online. They seem to be only browser or card-based with no mobile app.

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ePayments supports business and personal accounts. They provide a prepaid Mastercard in addition to their e-wallet for ease of use in stores.

The Pros

The Mastercard works at ATMs so you can withdraw money in any currency, though there is a fee. Ability to open a European IBAN account online. Mobile app available for Apple and Android devices comes with an intuitive dashboard so you can easily transfer and manage funds. Quick and easy setup.

The Cons

There are some negative reviews online stating technical and customer service issues.

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Apple Pay

A well-known name in the e-wallet industry, Apple Pay is one of the largest options available internationally.

The Pros

Supported by most major credit and debit cards. Can make purchases above the £30 contactless limit in most shops, through apps, and on the web. It can store multiple debit and credit cards, as well as manage airline boarding passes and tickets, movie tickets, gift cards, and select store loyalty cards. Quick and easy setup.

The Cons

Limited to use on Apple products (iPhone, iPad, Mac or the Safari web browser). It only works with iPhone 6 and beyond. You can’t use it everywhere as not all stores are Apple Pay equipped.

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Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet provides a prepaid Mastercard that has additional security features over traditional bank cards. Fund transfers to friends or associates occur within 24 hours. 

The Pros

The comprehensive dashboard makes fund management simple. Can send and receive funds 24/7. You can transfer money anytime to anyone’s account.

The Cons

Limited online reviews about their e-wallet services.

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