The 10 Best MLM Merchant Accounts

Despite MLM marketing being both a growing and lucrative industry, Multi-level marketing companies are classified as “high risk” by payment processors due to concerns about legal liabilities, potential chargebacks, and unpredictable growth patterns. Regardless of the type of product being sold, MLM credit card processing is considered high risk.

Although the MLM industry model includes well-run and reputable companies like Avon and Pampered Chef, the industry has been riddled with problems over the years. Scams claiming to be MLM companies have turned out to be no more than pyramid schemes that cheated unsuspecting distributors and buyers out of their money and trust.

Despite this, many banks are still open to payment processing for the MLM industry. Do your research and check out these 10 MLM Merchant Account Providers. The greatest likelihood of account approval will come while working closely with your account manager.

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Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, EMB was founded in 2011 and is a leading high risk merchant account provider that specializes in MLM credit card processing. EMB offers tailor-made solutions for the following types of MLM businesses: beauty, books, clothing, fitness, health, and home products, just to name a few.

The Pros

EMB offers its very own EMB payment gateway and it supports and a host of other payment gateways. There are no application fees, setup fees or annual fees. They offer chargeback shields, check processing services, and merchant cash advance programs. They have customer service support via telephone, email, and live chat. Multi-currency conversion and 3D Secure fraud protection is also offered.

The Cons

They do use tiered pricing processing plans, which are expensive.  Long-term contracts feature an early termination fee. There are some complaints about poor customer service.

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National ACH

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, National ACH provides ACH, echecks, and debit/credit card payment processing services businesses both in the US and internationally through their extensive network of both US and international banks.

The Pros

National ACH provides the following benefits: multiple payment methods from a single source, high volume specialists, extensive banking network ensures approval, a dedicated account manager committed to the success of your business, Level PCI-DSS compliant processing platform, free technical support, API, virtual terminals, batch processing, multicurrency processing, one payment platform for world-wide payments.

The Cons

At this time there is no publicly available information about their contract terms. There was also no information available for early termination fees, PCI compliance fees, or debit and credit processing fees. They also have a fairly clean complaint record.

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Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and with an EU registered address in Lija, Malta, Instabill has been covering the high-risk merchant space since 2001. With constant change within the high risk merchant space, it has remained current with shifts and regulations within the industry.

The Pros

MLM merchant benefits include the following: easy person to person transfers, no debit/credit card or PIN use, a convenient storage solution on your PC or smartphone, traceable transactions to deter fraud. For qualifying MLM merchants, Instabill offers free access to their virtual terminal to accept credit card payments by phone or through mail orders.

The Cons

Due to Instabill’s focus on high risk accounts, it may feature tiered pricing, early termination fees, and PCI Compliance fees. Most complaints against Instabill are about the company’s fraud prevention policies. Merchants report cancellation of their merchant accounts or withholding funds.

While each merchant account is different, the typical fees include: chargeback fees, discount rate, merchant account fees, merchant account registration fees, monthly statement fees, refund fees, and transaction fees.

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Allied Wallet

Founded in 2006, Allied Wallet is one of the leading online payment processing companies in the world. Providing payment solutions in 196 countries all over the world,

the company is headed by CEO Andy Khawaja and is headquartered in London, England.  

Allied Wallet specializes in payment processing solutions for Multi-Level Marketing and Direct Sales Companies.

The Pros

The features and benefits offered by Allied Wallet include a comprehensive solution for MLM businesses, accepts over 100 currencies in 196 countries, rates starting at just 1%, settle profit directly into merchant’s bank account, secure data transfers with PCI Level 1 compliance, reduced declined payments with Fraud Scrub Technology, and track transaction with robust reporting system.

The Cons

Allied Wallet seems to have a host of fees including: monthly maintenance fees, transaction fees, refund fees, retrieval fees, chargeback fees, wire fees, a rolling reserve, and if that’s not enough, they also are known for fund holding. Merchants really should evaluate what is most important in their business as these fees will inevitably affect the bottom line.

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Pay Space

Founded in 2009 in headquartered in Riga, Latvia,  Pay Space offers merchants of all fields secure and reliable payment processing solutions.

The Pros

Some of their services include chargeback prevention, a wide range of payment methods, all major credit cards accepted, global payment processing, automated billing solutions, flexible pricing starting at 1.2%.

Merchants will also get a MID and Unique Billing Descriptor, fully compliant with PCI DSS Level 1 certification, 3D and non-3D secure transaction processing, assistance with registration and opening a merchant account.

The Cons

The only way to contact them is by phone, email and a contact form. It would be great if they offered live chat for instant questions. Depending on the type of business, setup can take up to a month.

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As a subsidiary of Frontline IT Consultancy formed in 1991, PayWorld offers merchant account services for businesses of any size, ranging from start-ups to established, large businesses, including MLM businesses. With offices in Crawley, West Sussex, UK, PayWorld was created to offer safe online payment systems for low, medium, and high risk businesses.

The Pros

Some of its features and benefits include: a clear and simple fee schedule, no application fees, no gateway fees, no weekly fees, no wire fees, secure credit card processing, transaction fraud scrubbing, PCI Level 1 Certified gateway services, payment gateways, virtual terminals, and offshore merchant accounts. Additional features include dedicated customer service reps in the UK and the US, high to medium risk merchant accounts, internet gateway integration, real time transaction monitoring, fast approval of application, and shopping cart integration.

The Cons

No negative reviews were found online about PayWorld or its parent company, Frontline.

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Durango Merchant Services

Founded in 2004 and located in Durango, Colorado,  Durango Merchant Services works with many gateway processors and suppliers with sponsor banking relationships that offer credit processing solutions for both the US-based and internationally based companies. Durango is the right fit for MLM merchants with an insufficient payment processing history or if they need an offshore merchant account.

The Pros

Features include: variable contract lengths (month-to-month), free application processing, direct financing with regular deposits (daily or weekly, depending on whether onshore vs offshore), recurring billing, competitive rates, acceptance of multiple currencies and deposits, compatibility with major gateways and shopping carts, integration assistance with more than 100 shopping carts, chargeback prevention tools and advice, eCheck processing, gateway includes fraud detection and prevention tools.

The Cons

Complaints received about this company were about Durango’s inability to get approval for a high risk merchant account and about a partnering bank withholding a merchant’s funds.

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With offices in London, ccNetPay was founded in 2007 and it offers tailored payment solutions for both high and low risk businesses of all sizes, including MLM merchants. Their aim is to provide their merchants with excellent customer service and secure, reliable solutions.

The Pros

CCNetPay offers the following features for MLM merchants: they accept all debit and credit cards for both online and MOTO businesses. It also supports over 150 currencies. CCNetPay also clearly displays all of its pricing and fees on its website. Additional features include Server2Server API Integration, Batch processing, CW, AVS, and 3D Secure, real-time reporting and management, recurring billing, a virtual terminal, no up-front fees, no transaction limits. Merchants also receive a dedicated customer service manager.

The Cons

There are little to no negative reviews available online. The only reviews found were mostly positive and spoke well of the company and its services.

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Founded in 2004 and based in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, GSPay is a provider of offshore merchant accounts and third-party merchant account resources for businesses worldwide. They specialize in high risk merchants, including MLM merchants, by offering them a reliable and safe credit card processing service.

The Pros

GSPay offers transparent prices on its website. Other features and benefits include: Visa 3D Secure, MasterCard SecureCode, weekly or daily payouts, secure server (under SSL certificate), products/services/membership management, shipping fees management, tailor-made shipping cart and order page design. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club International, and Discover cards.

The Cons

Very few online reviews available. The last review dates back to 2016 and it said that the website was displaying erroneous information about payouts. There seems to be a discrepancy between the payouts mentioned online on their website and in their literature. They also mentioned poor customer service.

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Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, MerchACT specialises in MLM merchant account services. They boast secure and dependable payment portals. Their aim is to provide openness, integrity, and accountability. Serving businesses all over the world, MerchACT is ready to accommodate just about any industry in the high risk space.

The Pros

Some of the benefits and features of their merchant accounts include: in-house support, PCI Compliant gateway, fraud tools, chargeback management and reporting, no application or setup fees, MerchACT directly processes the merchant account, long-term partnership through life of the account, assistance with global expansion, multi-currency options, SSL Encrypted Servers, all major credit card acceptance, recurring billing, safe and simple API system, and high volume merchant account facility.

The Cons

There were no negative reviews found online about the company. The single online review that was found was positive.

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