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We review contracts, rates, and fees to ensure you're getting the best deal. We check every nook and cranny to make sure you don't overpay because of misleading terminology, hidden costs, and deceptive sales tactics.

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We scoure every major review and complaints site to ensure our experience with a payment provider is consistent with other customers. Our goal is to be certain you're getting the most honest snapshot of the company at the time of our writing.

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Integration requirements can be just as important as fees and customer service. For many merchants, getting up and running quickly and efficiently is imperative to maintaining uptime, and keeping the revenue stream open. We check every provider's integration process to ensure a smooth transition and onboarding process.

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Our Latest Review of Ikajo

Monday, October 19th, 2020
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What We Liked

Ikajo is a payment gateway service provider that is geared towards international merchants with e-Commerce stores. With its own fully-integrated payment platform, ikajo offers its merchants a payment solution that is completely customizable and flexible. 

Merchants have a choice of two verticals: Crypto and Forex. The Crypto vertical is aimed towards those who trade in cryptocurrencies, while the Forex vertical is for foreign exchange brokers. 

Other solutions that ikajo offers its merchants are payment gateways, credit card processing services, and a feature called Charge Advisor. This feature works towards increasing payment conversion as well as analyzing data to prevent chargebacks and fraud. 

Ikajo also integrates with most shopping platforms and can be customized to suit business needs. 

What We Didn't Like

The only issues found with ikajo comes from a few negative reviews posted online by current users. There was one bad review that mentioned ikajo’s poor customer service. 

One user was unhappy at how long ikajo took to get back to him once he applied for a payment gateway. He reported that ikajo originally said it would take one to two business days for a response. However, there was no response for nine days. This was after he was following up with them each and every day. 

Another user reported that ikajo held back funds to allow the bank to verify that no chargebacks would occur. Although there were no chargebacks in the subsequent two months, ikajo e-mailed the user, informing them that the bank “had some kind of issue”, after which all the funds mysteriously disappeared. 

A Good Fit For:

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Are You High Risk?

Merchant accounts that are classified as high risk operate in industries which are more susceptible to chargebacks, fraud, and other factors that increase risk for the banks providing their services.

You might be considered High Risk if you're:

  • A Merchant with high chargeback ratios
  • In an industry at higher risk for fraud
  • In new, burgeoning markets

Find a consumer financing lender

Consumer financing is being adopted heavily by product and service providers that want to garner new customers and give recurring customers the chance to purchase products that were otherwise inaccessible to them before.

For a consumer financing account, you'll need:

  • Proof of operating business
  • Last 3 month bank statements
  • A copy of your articles of incorporation


Meost banks agree that chargeback ratios should be under 1%. Anything higher and you're going to make yourself and your business susceptible to being categorized as a high-risk business

If your chargebacks are climbing, you should:

  • Find a service provider with Chargeback Alerts
  • Implement Chargeback prevention

Go for it!

Negotiating rates is a long and arduous process, and we highly recommend that you do this as frequently as you're able. In the payment services business, it's important to keep trying to get the best rates possible, as even a few pennies per transaction can lead to millions for some businesses.

Not Many do

Many banks don't support loans to new businesses and finding a business funding, cash advance, or working capital loan can be an extremely difficult task.

Do you have:

  • 90 days of processing?
  • At least 10k per month in transactions?
  • A business bank account?

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