The 8 Cheapest Merchant Services for Small Businesses in the UK

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Do you need to accept credit/debit card payments? How can you choose the right processor for your business? This article will help you find the cheapest merchant services for small business in the UK.

Payment Processing Rate & Fees to Focus On

Credit-card payments can prove to be rather costly if you don’t find the right processor to work with. So, you should shop around to find the most affordable merchant services for small business to avoid unnecessary expenses.

By the way, before signing a contract with a processor, contact their sales representatives to get pricing quotes and learn more about their contracts. Here’s what you can expect to find concerning the pricing offered by processors:

  • Hidden Fees: Find out how much the fees are, how often you’ll be charged, and if these fees may be disregarded
  • Common Fees: These may include monthly, batch, PCI compliance, chargeback, gateway, and various network fees such as Visa’s Fixed Acquirer Network Fee (FANF), and MasterCard’s Merchant Location Fee
  • Nonstandard Fees: These include application or setup, club or membership, vague “additional services,” quarterly technology, online reporting, postage and handling, audit and access fees.

Cheapest Merchant Services for Small Business

The most significant issues concerning processors’ pricing is their transparency policy. So, look for a credit-card processing company with a pricing system that keeps wholesale and markup costs separate.

Finding the cheapest merchant services for small business can’t be an issue if you work with a reputable merchant services comparison company like Best Payment Provider. With Best Payment Providers, you can easily:

  • Meet your financial needs
  • Get the best review of contracts, rates, and fees
  • Avoid unnecessary extras, and dishonest sales tactics
  • Enjoy the most honest snapshot of companies at the time of writing
  • Pay the cheapest rates
  • Enjoy excellent customer service
  • Get free consultation and advice

Best Credit Card Processors in the UK

Now, let’s look at the top credit-card processing companies in the UK that you can apply to accept payments online for your business:

  • First Data – Offers a variety of options for credit-card processing by taking into account your type of business
  • Worldpay – Offers flexible solutions for a range of businesses
  • Payzone – Offers excellent customer support, a variety of payment-processing solutions, and the cheapest services without any long-term contracts
  • Handepay – Offers affordable rates, and fine support
  • Paymentsense – Offers some of the cheapest fees for credit-card processing, 24/7 support, efficiency, and security
  • PayPal – Offers the cheapest costs for low-volume businesses, and is a great choice for those interested in having a backup form of payment together with a traditional merchant account
  • Web-Merchant Services – offers the cheapest costs for standard-risk merchants, charging no setup fees for standard accounts for low- and medium-risk merchants
  • Secure Trading – Allows for negotiating the best rate with the acquirer, and is the best for the gaming sector

Any business that wants to grow in the modern payments world should accept credit/debit card payments. To have the right technology in place, turn to the best processor in the space to enjoy the lowest-cost and most reliable solutions for online transactions.

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