The 10 Best Medical Service Processors

Your medical business provides invaluable services to your customers. And, in order to serve as many as you can to the best of your abilities, your business requires a card processor that can meet your business needs while saving you money.

Just like there’s a wide variety of specialties in the medical industry, there are a wide variety of processors providing different types of services. In order to make the best decision for your company, you first need to assess what services you prioritize the most.

Consider what payment options need to be available to your customers: face-to-face, online, over the phone, by mail, or all of the above? Is it important that invoicing integrates with your own office software or do you need a processor who can deliver invoicing features directly to you? 

Of course, you should also decide on a budget that doesn’t stretch your resources thin. There are different processor options that cater to large, mid-sized, and small companies, and provide the best prices based on monthly volume of transactions.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 best medical service processors in the UK to help guide you in making the best decision for your business.

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SagePay is a leading provider in Europe and they claim that over 50,000 businesses use
their services every month. They offer two tiers of packages to meet the needs of businesses of
all sizes. They offer flat monthly pricing and are one of the highest-rated payment processing
businesses in the United Kingdom. They accept all major payments, including PayPal, from over
25 different currencies.

The Pros

Pricing information is available on their website. Their services can meet the needs of all sized businesses. Offers a variety of merchant services, including online, mail, telephone, and card machine payments. Accepts all major payments, including PayPal and over 25 different currencies. Fraud prevention included. Analytics to view all customer data and business insights. e-Invoicing available. Online reviews suggest that customer service is good.

The Cons

There is no online chat feature through their website. Customer service calls cost 2 pence per minute. Some reviews say that termination fees can be high while other reviews say that you can have them waived through your account representative.

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AIB Merchant Services

Founded in 1979 and with head offices in Dublin, Ireland, AIB Merchant Services is one of Ireland’s largest providers of credit card payment solutions. They serve both Britain and Ireland, yet they process both credit and debit card payments across Europe. AIB accepts payments by phone, online, or in person.

The Pros

Features include: dynamic currency conversion, an online data management system, the Clover EPOS system, comprehensive reporting, secure online payment processing, real time reporting, multi-currency settlement, shopping cart integration, a virtual terminal, fraud protection. Recognized as one of the best sales teams in the UK. They have no third-party sales personnel or pay on commission. No overcharging or upselling.

The Cons

Some of the complaints filed against AIB include “shockingly bad customer service”, others cited difficulty signing into their account since the passwords never work. They also reported slow response time from customer service agents.

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Lloyds Cardnet

Founded in 1997, Lloyds Cardnet is known as the merchant services department of Lloyds Bank, which is considered the largest retail bank in the UK. It provides merchant accounts and payment solutions to businesses of all sizes, based in the UK. It supports 51,000 merchants.

The Pros

They offer online management tools and the Clover POS system. It accepts a wide range of debit and credit cards, offers secure online payments, contactless payments, international transactions, and 24/7 UK-based customer support. It also provides mobile, portable, and countertop card machines.

The Cons

Their contracts are from 12 months to 36 months, with an early termination fee at £200. For new customers, there is a joining fee of £175. There were complaints about Lloyds putting long-term holds on funds and rolling reserves on payments. However, these complaints stemmed from high risk merchants.

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iZettle was founded in Stockholm in 2010, the financial technology company revolutionized mobile payments with the world’s first mini chip card reader and software for mobile devices.

The Pros

Good for small to mid-sized businesses. Monthly contracts with clear pricing information available on their website. They provide a mobile credit card processing app and card reader. No early termination fees. The software is easily integrated with 3rd-party POS systems, and includes in-app invoicing and basic employee management.

The Cons

No 24/7 customer service available or online chat functions. They were acquired by PayPal in 2018, so there’s limited information on how this will affect their business.

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Barclays is a transatlantic consumer and wholesale bank with global reach, offering products and services across personal, corporate and investment banking, credit cards and wealth management, with a strong presence in our two home markets of the UK and the US.

The Pros

Long-standing business with international support. Face-to-face, over the phone, and online payment options. High security and anti-fraud features make it a good choice for companies handling sensitive medical information. Good onboarding and tech support.

The Cons

Not the best solution for smaller companies. No pricing information available on their website. Online reviews mention the possibility of high termination fees. 18-month standard contract. Online reviews also mention long holds for customer service support.

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Royal Bank of Scotland Merchant Services

As Scotland’s oldest bank, Royal Bank of Scotland has been helping generations of Scots look after their money since 1695. Today, with nearly 300 branches, serving over 2.8 million customers, in locations from Lerwick to Kirkcudbright, their branch network span the whole country.

The Pros

Your account is assigned a dedicated relationship manager who can help provide information on compliance. Tracking and analytics software is available. Clover POS system available, as well as PDQ machines, portable card machines, and contactless payments. Supports face-to-face, online, and over the phone payments.

The Cons

Limited information about pricing available on their website, though they say each package is individually tailored per company. It can be difficult to find online reviews about their merchant services specifically.

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PaymentSense is good for companies that are focusing on countertop and e-commerce payment solutions. If you’re looking for mobile payment apps, this one is not for you. PaymentSense is the UK branch of the largest payment processor in the US, First Data, and services more than 30,000 accounts in the region.

The Pros

A well-established countertop and e-commerce worldwide processor. Sign-up is free and there are no cancellation fees for ending your contract early. Customized packaging to meet all of your needs. They provide 24/7 customer support.

The Cons

The minimum standard contract starts at 18 months. No online chat options are available. Cancellation fees can be incurred if you leased a terminal.

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Worldplay has been operating since 1989 and was at the forefront of online payment options. Pricing plans are a combination of tiered and interchange-plus pricing plans. Merchants who process a high volume of transactions may qualify for rates as low as 2.70% + 8p per transaction.

The Pros

They are a large, international processor that was at the forefront of online payments for businesses. Offers a combination of tiered and interchange-plus pricing plans. They offer card machines and smart till rentals. Virtual terminal and payment gateway included. Customer service via phone or online is available 24/7.

The Cons

Not as competitive of an option for smaller businesses as they offer better prices for a higher number of monthly transactions. There may be issues integrating with different POS systems. Automatic renewal clause. Reviews state that early termination fees can be over £245 per location.

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Elavon is the innovative, secure, and global partner for your payment processing needs, whether you do business online, mobile, or in-person. For more than 25 years, Elavon has been a leader in payment processing, leveraging the world’s best technologies for our partners from large worldwide enterprises, to locally owned small businesses.

The Pros

Interchange-plus pricing plans available. Good options for smaller businesses, including face-to-face, online, and mobile app for Apple and Android devices. No early termination fees.

The Cons

Terminal leasing can be expensive. An automatic renewal clause is included in the standard three-year contract. Limited pricing information available without calling.

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First Data

First Data is a US-based processor that was founded in 1971 and has grown to include many countries. They offer lower rates to businesses with high volume. Reviews cite fees ranging from 2% – 3% and 21p to 33p per transaction, depending on the transaction type.

The Pros

Full line of Clover terminal, mobile and POS systems, including EMV and NFC-based payment methods available. A website builder is available with good technical support. There are many online reviews that refer to excellent customer service.

The Cons

While a good option for small businesses, it does offer lower rates to businesses with higher volumes of monthly transactions. Pricing information is not disclosed on their website. Equipment rental fees can be high. Longer contracts with a liquidated damages clause.

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Sage Pay is a payments processing service that is owned by Elavon that operates in the UK and Ireland. The company provides online payments processing as well as products for face-to-face and telephone payments.

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