The Square developer platform is now available in Spain

The Square developer platform is now accessible in Spanish.

Thursday, April 21st, 2022

With the growth and expansion of Square across Europe, Spain has become the newest market for this digital payment platform. 

After the success of the Early Access Programme that started in September last year. Businesses, developers, and merchants alike can now access a range of integrated business tools. When in place, these tools will make it easy to start and run a business.

Equipped with tools in the Square App Marketplace like Quaderno Prestashop, Deliverect, and Bookeo. Businesses in Spain will enjoy a smooth integrated digital payment option. 

Furthermore, the square products come modified to work with each other, hence being time and cost-efficient. These tools are also great for managing multiple systems, further aiding a merchant to shape their business toward the future.

The Square developer space comes with amazing APIs and SDKs. These programming tools help developers make customized apps for their specific business needs. Additionally, Square also gives merchants the option to integrate first-party Square tools with their desired applications to meet their business needs.

Developers for Square Spain will now have the opportunity of setting up business applications that may upgrade the Square space and have those applications on the Square App Marketplace. The common Square APIs and SDKs are:

  • Payments APIs: The Square developer program comes equipped with APIs and SDKs for taking payments, whether online, in-person, or in-app payments.
  • Terminal APIs: This API will enable app developers to connect Square terminals to their applications to ease contact-less and in-person card payments. This API will allow payments to sync with merchants’ preferred POS automatically.
  • POS APIs: This API allows developers to connect Square Reader for chip and contactless payments to the POS (point of sale) app. 
  • Web Payments SDKs: This is a new Javascript SDK that allows developers to incorporate online payments into web apps to enable customers to buy online.
  • Subscription APIs: This allows developers to insert subscription features in the app. With this, merchants can generate recurring revenue.
  • Commerce API: this programming tool allows app developers to build an advanced app for Square, including information for inventory, catalog, orders location, and sellers’ API.
  • Snippet APIs: This interface allows developers to put CSS, Javascript, or HTML code in the <head> of a website. This tag will allow merchants to place add-ons to their square website. 
  • Invoices API will allow app developers to make invoices for orders made with Orders API.
  • Team and customers API will allow developers to access and manage employee and customer data within the application.
  • SDK for in-app payments will enable the developers to incorporate square payments into different mobile applications.

Square also made available more API tools to the Spanish market, such as technical references, documentation, and developers’ dashboard. 

These APIs and SDKs are free to use and merchant-friendly. They also enjoy an easy payment process with no hidden charges. Besides, square ensures your funds’ security and prevents fraud at no extra charges.

Merchants are only charged transaction fees for mobile and card payments. Businesses can access their funds as soon as the next working day. A business that enjoys this integrated payment system offers its clients wide and flexible payment options.

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