The Top 4 eCommerce Platforms to Set Up Your Small Business

Saturday, March 26th, 2022

There are literally thousands of eCommerce platforms out there, but it’s easy to narrow down the best by looking at just a few key features. Start with the basic features you’ll need and look for a platform that can grow with you as your business expands.


BigCommerce is a great way to start an online store. It’s an out-of-the-box solution that gives you everything you need to get started. If you’re looking for something more robust, BigCommerce has plans that will grow with your business as it expands.

The platform’s top tier plan does cost $249.95 per month, but this price comes with a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Abandoned cart saver
  • Google customer reviews
  • Real-time carrier shipping labels
  • Gift cards
  • Product filtering
  • The ability to sell digital goods
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Blog integration

Another benefit of using BigCommerce is that it integrates with more than 150 third-party applications, so you can extend the functionality of your store without having to create custom code.

2. Shopify

Shopify is a solid choice for any business that wants to start an eCommerce site or switch platforms. Shopify offers many features that help eCommerce businesses grow and keep their customers happy.

The platform offers a free 14-day trial, so you can try it out before making any commitments. During that time, you can add up to five products to your store and set up the basic functionality of your store. This gives you the ability to test out different themes and apps to find the ones that work best for your business.

3. Squarespace

Squarespace is a very capable and well-designed website builder that can be used by beginners, and it offers a range of options for small businesses. Because SquareSpace’s templates are designed with commerce in mind, they are a good choice if you are looking to create an attractive website that also enables you to sell your products or services online.

4. Wix

Wix has a great range of eCommerce plans, from Basic to Business Basic and Business VIP.

Using the Wix platform is very easy, as it doesn’t require any web development skills to build your own website. It has an AI-powered drag-and-drop editor that lets you create any kind of site with just a few clicks. You get access to hundreds of design templates that you can customize by adding your own images and text.

Last Words

There are plenty of other eCommerce platforms out there all with their pros and cons. Ultimately, it all boils down to what suits your needs as an entrepreneur.

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