The Best 3 Payment Processors for Small UK Businesses

Wednesday, January 5th, 2022

Merchant services are necessary for taking payments both online and in person. Otherwise, you won’t be able to grow your business. How can you find the best merchant-processing services in the UK? Who can help you with payment providers in the UK? 

Top 3 Payment Processors for Small Business Owners UK

What is a payment processor? This is a third-party payments system allowing funds to be sent from a customer’s bank account to your business bank account. Let’s discuss the three top-rated payment processors that are best suited to the needs of small businesses in the UK:


When applying for WorldPay, you can pick what equipment and pricing plan to have. This payment processor allows merchants to accept a wide range of global payments. This processor is a great option for medium-sized businesses that have consistent transactions all year round. It’s also best for more established businesses that have higher transaction volumes and more complex needs. 

  • You must show a fixed monthly income when applying. 
  • WorldPay works with card providers in 116 currencies and offers 24-hour UK customer support.
  • The fees include transactional, terminal rental and PCI management fees. You can choose a desktop, portable or mobile terminal.


You can open a Square account and a reader online or in-store. Payments can be taken in person, over the phone, by invoice or online. This processor is ideal for small businesses with less consistent sales that are looking for quick growth. 

With Square, you can enjoy:

  • Chip and PIN, mobile and contactless payments featuring 1.75%
  • Card-not-present transactions including keyed-in transactions, card payments over the phone with Virtual Terminal, Square Invoices and eCommerce featuring 2.5%
  • Online payments with European cards featuring 1.9%
  • Online payments with non-European cards featuring 2.9%


PayPal boasts ease of use and doesn’t require fees for signing up. Thanks to PayPal’s e-money account, you can process transactions without challenges. This isn’t a bank account or traditional merchant account, which can’t be said about Worldpay’s account. 

  • Standard transactions come with 2.9% + 30p
  • Non-UK cards come with 0.5%-2% cross-border fee, 2.5% currency conversion fee
  • No contract, no monthly fees (except for Virtual Terminal & advanced checkout plan) are required

To pick the right payment providers UK, you should work with a reliable and experienced payments-comparison specialist like Thanks to Best Payment Provider UK, you can choose the best-suited payment services for your company’s needs. BPP is focused on terms, complaints and integration processes so you can enjoy only the best for your eCommerce business. 

Choosing the Best Payment Provider in the UK

Without proper credit-card processing services, you can’t move your business to the next level. Thanks to advanced payment services, your small business can grow flexibly. So, make sure to work with a trustworthy comparison company to get access to all the necessary merchant services you need. 

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