PayPal’s iZettle Food & Drink App in the UK

Friday, September 25th, 2020

In the UK, merchants in the food-and-drinks sector can use PayPal’s iZettle Food & Drink app. The latter is a POS (point of sale) platform for iOS. If you’re interested in more details concerning this service in the country, as well as in reliable and low-cost merchant processing, go on reading the article below. 

PayPal’s iZettle Food & Drink App in the UK

The lockdowns in England have hurt the food-and-drink sector severely. The sales dropped by 87% during the April – June period. More specifically, the sector lost about 30 billion pounds. Thankfully, the app by PayPal offers an easy-to-use POS solution to businesses in the hospitality industry. 

Thanks to the service, hospitality business owners can enjoy an intuitive product library, organize checkout processes smoothly, customise layouts, and onboard their staff fast and easily. This is a fine POS service that comes complete with new, important features so much necessary for cafes, pubs, and restaurants.

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Support to the Hospitality Sector in the UK

Before launching this service in the UK, the payments giant purchased Swedish mobile-payments company iZettle in a deal that cost $2.2bn. The app can assist UK hospitality businesses, especially in a critical situation caused by COVID-19 lockdowns. 

According to the mobile-payments company’s chief executive Jacob de Geer, they were proud to introduce their service to assist small businesses. The company aimed to design a product that could help merchants provide better services for their customers while ensuring they have the right tools to grow.

So, PayPal has introduced its new service in the UK. This easy-to-use POS solution offers excellent support to food-and-drink business owners by providing them with the tools and solutions they need to move forward without challenges and with confidence. PayPal’s app for the food and drink sector to makes it easier for hospitality merchants to process remote payments efficiently.

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