5 Best WooCommerce B2B Plugins to Boost Sales in 2022

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

WooCommerce is a go-for platform for selling to customers. However, it should be added with extra functionalities to help you boost sales. So, which WooCommerce B2B plugins should you choose to grow your sales in 2022? 

WooCommerce B2B Plugins to Increase Sales 

WooCommerce is extremely customizable and it’s also free. Moreover, WC has a large marketplace. You can add easy-to-use B2B plugins to the WooCommerce platform to grow your sales. 

Here are the best WooCommerce B2B plugins that can help you enjoy streamlined business operations and increased sales. 

  • Wholesale for WooCommerce

This one can help you with determining and managing the wholesale prices, numerous wholesale user roles, user registration forms, product and price visibility, tax, payment, and shipping. 

  • Bulk Order for WooCommerce

This seamless and powerful extension can help you intuitively and efficiently list your products and lets you customize your product tables without the need to be an expert in the field. Thanks to this plugin, you can build a simple, flexible, and responsive product table with various options.

  • Infusionsoft for WooCommerce

This extension can help you with WooCommerce users and Infusionsoft contract synchronization. Using this plugin, you can run a completely automated business. 

  • WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

This plugin can help you automatically attach PDF invoices to certain emails. Also, you can create and print packing slips both in bulk and individually.

  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

This one can integrate with WooCommerce for a seamless transition. Then, customers can check back in and choose their favorite products to buy them later. As a result, you can both boost your sales and offer a nicer interface to your customers.

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WooCommerce B2B Plugins to Boost Sales

WooCommerce is a popular platform that you can use to create online stores. The platform is flexible to use for any business idea. So many businesses worldwide have adopted this platform as a free solution featuring a huge plethora of plugins or extensions that can help them boost sales.

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