Worldpay Merchants Can Now Integrate Google in One Click

Wednesday, May 27th, 2020

The Fidelity National Information Systems (FIS), which now owns Worldpay, earlier in the month, announced that they’re adding Google Pay to their Hosted Payments Page (HPP). It means that Worldpay merchants will now be able to integrate Google Pay in a single click.

Speaking about the development, Shane Happach, Executive VP and Head of Global Ecommerce at FIS, says that this integration means that customers no longer have to submit their financial and personal details when checking out on Google Pay. As long as Google Pay is turned-on, people can take advantage of express checkout by authorizing payments with their biometrics or simply submitting their Google account passwords.

“Consumers are quickly moving to online payments,” said Shane when making the announcement. “Deploying a faster, more secure, and user-friendly option, such as Google Pay, at checkout can help merchants gain an edge in the increasingly competitive market.”

He especially stresses that merchants can’t afford to slack at a time like this when shoppers have an abundance of choice, advising that a seamless experience is critical to remaining competitive.

“Online shoppers have more choices than ever,” he said. “Merchants must, therefore, deliver the most seamless experience. Google Play ensures a truly express checkout where shoppers only need a single input to complete a purchase.”

Google Pay Promising Fast, Secure, Convenient Checkout

Spencer Spinnell, Director of Emerging e-Commerce Platforms at Google, has also lauded the partnership, promising that Google Pay will strive to make the checkout experience as rewarding as possible.

“This integration with FIS payment pages will make it a lot easier for sellers to take advantage of the Google Pay solution,” he said. “We promise to deliver a fast, secure, and convenient shopping experience.”

It’s worth noting that friction at checkout is one of the top causes of shopping cart abandonment. According to a recent survey by the Baymard Institute, at least 23% of all abandoned carts are caused by “too long or complicated” checkout processes.

Express checkout is a proven solution to this problem. Often, shoppers lose interest along the way when asked to provide personal and financial information. This is especially true when the shopper has already provided the required data to the same website before. Express checkout, such as through Google Pay, eliminates the need for such shoppers to enter their contact, payment, and address details, thus shortening the checkout process to just a few clicks.

Everyone Benefits

Aside from the transaction processing fees, Google Pay will benefit from increased exposure. A recent Worldpay review shows that the payment gateway currently operates in at least 155 countries. Google Pay will now be able to tap into this massive market.

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