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Monday, November 12th, 2018

Payments is a hot sector. To grow your business, you should take the time to find the right processor to work with. What about WorldPay? Are you interested in whether it has kept a listing after the merger with Vantiv? Do you need WorldPay Zinc review? No worries! This article will help you with all this.

Worldpay Listing in London

In 2017, Worldpay warned British shareholders that having a dual listing in London and New York after its £7.7-bn merger with Vantiv would be rather costly for it.

What’s a dual listing? Well, it suggests having two separate legal entities. With a secondary listing, there isn’t such thing. So, these two structures have tax differences. New York-listed Vantiv was planning to delist Worldpay from the London market after the deal. The transaction was being presented to investors as a merger.

British institutions that could hold the shares expressed their concerns about the issue. They were worried that after Worldpay got delisted, there’d be little incentive for management of the joint company to engage with its UK investors.

Now, Vantiv and Worldpay are already a joint company (with a $12.9-billion merger). This is among the largest fintech deals in history. The terms of the deal were subject to delays after Worldpay investors got worried about the company valuation and whether it’d be listed in London.

So, what’s the picture today? Well, after the £9.8-bn merger, the group is now listed in New York (US:WP) with a secondary, standard listing in London. This allows UK parties to buy “Class A” shares.

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Worldpay is a payment technology company serving retailers and others to help them accept payments in stores and online. The company’s earnings surged £270m in 2011 to £468m in 2016. Worldpay’s share price has grown by almost 70% since it was listed in London in October 2015.

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