Worldpay Complaints: How It Works

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

Worldpay is an international leader in payments processing techs and solutions for both web-based and in-store merchants. The firm operates safe and reliable branded technology platforms that give the retailer access to a wide range of payment types, through numerous channels, everywhere in the globe.

But careful and quick handling of complaints is part of being successful in the payment space. So what should you know about Worldpay complaints?

First, the complaints are numerous and varied, with most of the negative marks revolving around concealed fees, early termination fees, poorly-spelled rates, and deceptive contract terms. WorldPay currently has more than 200 complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and many others give in to Ripoff Report, Yelp, and several other online sites.


Early termination fees, sudden account termination and withholding of a retailer’s funds after account cancellation are the three most common Worldpay complaints. And it appears out that Worldpay has been responsive in responding to their unsatisfied customer but not attending to a claim, and solving the main issue behind it.

Response and availability

Reaching Worldpay can be tricky—a retailer could hit or miss— most of their product pages feature quick calls-to-action which can link you directly to the sales team through email. Their website also features toll-free lines and a live-chat option for sales and support purposes.

Unfortunately, some customers have claimed of slow email responses and may take you several messages to and fro before you get an answer to a pre-sale query. Most times, these email threads ended by the assertion that we chat with their support team over the phone.

The fastest way is through Live-chat. However, it becomes unreliable when the assistant on the other end begins insisting on your business contact details instead of attending to your major concerns like rates and cancellation fees. Merchants should ensure to get all the info they need before giving up their company info.

Reaching Worldpay through their toll-free lines can also be frustrating, as you end up listening to long ringing tones after choosing the “speak to a sales rep” option. Customers have reported that they failed to speak to a sales rep and were not given a choice to leave a message.

However, Worldpay Complaints has provided a line in their official website exclusively meant for filing customer complaints. All customers should dial 0330 134 8830 to get in touch.

Wrapping Up

Having you Worldpay complaints addressed depends on how consistent you are with trying to contact the team and your luck.

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