Why Crypto Currency Can Be Better for High-Risk Businesses

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

The incredible advances in technology go on providing both businesses and customers with many attractive options. Cryptocurrency is one of them. To know how the latter can help high-risk business owners, just keep on reading below.

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin

Crypto money is a digital asset that uses encryption techniques to keep the creation of monetary units under control and to verify money transfers. This digital money doesn’t require a bank mediator, which can’t be said about traditional credit-card processing options. Crypto money is developed with cryptographic protocols, which make transactions secure.

The existence of crypto money is based on blockchain technology. Did you know that in 2018, “blockchain” was the most-overrated word, according to a survey by Media Post’s Research Intelligencer?

Blockchains can be described as distributed ledgers, however, not all distributed ledgers are blockchain. Specifically, a blockchain is a decentralized ledger enabling transactions across a peer-to-peer network.

The growth of blockchain technology provides people with many more options. Today, the financial-technology (fintech) industry presents some of the most valuable options based on blockchain technology.

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Crypto Money: Better Option for High-Risk Businesses

2019 saw an exceptional rise in different crypto-money trends in the blockchain industry. As digital-currency markets get more mature, they’re becoming more appealing to players from other industries. As you know, Bitcoin is the most famous crypto money and is considered the current gold standard for crypto-money investments: it gained more than 1300% in 2017.

Crypto money has special importance for high-risk businesses. Why? It’s simple. By accepting crypto money, high-risk merchants solve such problems as:

  • Chargebacks
  • The need for a rolling reserve
  • High fees
  • Settlement times

Crypto money can solve all the mentioned issues and allow high-risk businesses to receive their funds instantly.

By the way, Bitcoin went through a period of major fluctuations last year, but it continues to be the most-accepted digital money and the most-traded digital currency by merchants and investors. Ethereum comes after Bitcoin, thus being regarded as 2nd largest crypto money. In addition,

Ethereum is among the best long-term altcoins offering great potential and promising opportunities. Interestingly, Bloomberg reports that crypto money insurance is becoming a “big opportunity.”

To sum up, given the number of people getting interested in the world of digital currency is growing rapidly, the adoption of crypto money and the number of merchants starting to accept it are on the rise too.

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