What You Need to Know About Retail Merchant Services Complaints

Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Retail Merchant Services offer UK retailers multiple services and products through Elavon. It is an independent service company for Georgia-based merchant account issuer, Elavon, which also operates under U.S. Bancorp.

On top of the phone and online payment avenues, RMS provides access to software and tech, including virtual terminals, card machines, and payment gateways. According to RMS, it serves over 27,000 retailers in the United Kingdom and across borders to Ireland.

But how responsive and effective is RMS in dealing with retailer complaints? What are some of the common concerns customers raise?

RMS Complaints

Retail Merchant Services receives hundreds of claims on online business discussions/forums, TrustPilot and Google. The most common claims are about; concealed fees, the sky-high early cancellation fee, as well as the overpriced terminal fees for rentals. Customers have even branded RMS a scam because of these exorbitant termination fees, and no support service is keen to listen or rectify their situations.

Termination Fees

Customers should pay £180 in fee for ending a contract prematurely. On top, a whole £96 in terminal refurbishment fee payable upon revocation. Clients should also be aware that RMS expects its customers to submit (in writing) a 30-day notice for the termination. But the worst that could happen to you is parting with over £1,000 after a cancelling a terminal lease.

RMS Hardware Costs

Retail merchant services provides portable, fixed, mobile, desktop, GPRS as well as Bluetooth card machines from Ingenico and Verifone. While you can rent a card machine for a minimum of £20 per month, merchants should look forward to personalised quotes depending on the contract terms and the number of devices they hire.

Card machines come with supplies including ink and printer rolls which also come at extra costs— which RMS doesn’t disclose. Some customers have reported that these rental contracts are almost cancelled.

“Shady Practices”

Other customers have whined of shady practices like submitting bank statements via text messages. What’s more, there are several criticisms about misleading and deceptive sales habits from their sales reps. But trickery is a common practice where resellers are when customers work with resellers.

All these retail merchant services complaints are matters of concern and should undoubtedly be warning signs for any new customers. Lastly, customers should also note that there are several parallel protests from clients who get their services directly from Elavon. That said, maybe the number of grievances is much higher than reported. Plus, Retail Merchant Services turned off it’s Facebook commenting which leaves savvy customers wondering about what’s up with the firm.


Find out more about RMS complaints by attending forums and researching review websites so that you are sure about all the details.

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