UK Retail Merchant Services Review 2018

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018

With so many merchant service providers in the UK, it can be tough to narrow down the best option. What makes a provider good – is it its pricing, features, services, security measures, or something else? In most cases, it’s a bit of everything.

This UK retail merchant services review for 2018 offers a glimpse into the best of the best.


If security is paramount at your business – and it should be if you take a lot of online or mobile payments – then, Payvector may be the provider for your business. Not only has Payvector been in business for years, it has designed and developed one of the safest payment interfaces available on mobile and online platforms.

Another major benefit of Payvector is the many currencies it can accept, and you also can set up the payment gateway for a number of different language options.


If most of your customers make in-app or mobile purchases, then Braintree is the provider for your business because it offers a micro payment service to any individual in the UK. Not only are payments instant, but they are processed in GBP, so it is easy to keep tabs on who paid and who hasn’t. Keep in mind that micro payments, as the name implies, is made for businesses that sell small ticket products or low-cost services.


HSBC not only has many security measures in place, but it is a bank that offers a range of customized payment gateway services to its customers. One of the biggest benefits for UK businesses is that with HSBC the payment gateway is linked directly to a business’ bank account. Due to this, often there are no long fund delays, however, fees and rates can vary.

Mondido Payments

Want to save money? Then, turn to Mondido Payments. It offers some of the lowest processing fees around, make it a hit for merchants throughout the UK. Also, in many cases, Mondido Payments gets you funds quicker than other providers.

Alipay Global

UK-based businesses are signing up with Alipay Global because it offers a strong, solid interface that offers business owners maximum flexibility in payment methods without additional excessive fees. This is something that other merchant service providers can’t offer. As a bonus, its payment gateway is easy to install and user-friendly.

Sage Pay

Sage Pay is a major player in the merchant services industry. If you want to accept mobile and online payments with the help of a leading processor, then consider Sage Pay. Sage Pay’s very dependable payment gateway interface is flexible enough for you to install it seamlessly with any website or mobile app. Though you need to be mindful of fees and rates, Sage Pay does offer some reasonable options that are worth looking at more closely.


When you want easy, you want Cardstream. It gives customers the ability to use a one-click type of checkout process throughout any site. Cardstream’s payment gateway is easy to install and configure, so you are bound to find a range of different settings that you can use, depending on your offerings.

Payment Express

When you want a payment gateway that can seamlessly integrate into your site or mobile app, then Payment Express is the way to go. The design of its payment gateway is a major plus for customers. It has an easy-to-use interface, allowing customers to order goods and services and have them in the checkout area quickly. Not only are orders processed in real-time, but there is a very helpful audit facility in place that is at your disposable.


Process cryptocurrencies seamlessly with BitPay. In addition to this clear advantage, remember that since most payments are virtually instant, you have the peace of mind knowing which customers paid in full almost immediately. This is a plus no matter how you look at this feature.

The Last Word

When it’s time to choose a merchant service provider, take your time and find what works best for your company. Use our retail merchant services review to help guide your decision. The more research and reviews you read, the easier it will be to make a choice.

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