Top Payment Gateway Providers in the UK

Friday, January 24th, 2020

The process of accepting payments over the internet stars with a payment gateway. This type of software application plays a critical role in helping you with easy online transactions. If you need a provider of payment gateways, this article will give you a list of the best ones in the UK.

Payment Gateway Provider You Need in the UK

Serving as a bridge between your eCommerce company and the processor, payment gateways receive transactions from your customer. After customers submit their payment information on online stores, payment gateways get on the hook for sending that information securely to target processors.

They can be characterized as a software application that authorises the amount and ensures the information submitted is enough for payment finalization. As you see, eCommerce websites that accept card payments over the internet can’t survive without payment gateways.

To find the right payment gateway provider in the UK, you just need to work with a payments-processor comparison expert like Best Payment Providers guarantees the most trustworthy snapshot of merchant-services providers at the time of writing.

Top Providers of Payment Gateways in the UK

According to Business Insider Intelligence, the revenue that companies processing payments related to retail eCommerce collect as fees was $82 billion in 2018. The number is still growing. Below, you can find the industry’s leading companies operating in the UK:

This is among the top innovative payment-processing providers in the country.

Handepay is a powerful payment processor offering low rates.

Worldpay, trusted by over 300.000 UK businesses, is among the most reliable ones in the country.

Sage Pay offers a payment gateway that’s sleek and scalable for small businesses.

  • offers affordable rates and a reputable way to authorising online transactions.

Today, PayPal supports 75 million businesses and takes payments in more than 25 currencies.

Amazon Pay helps businesses thrive by offering its own benefits and helping merchants avoid the administrative hassle. It boasts the name of a respectable brand that’s more than 310 million users.

To sum up, a payment gateway is undoubtedly the most important item you can’t do without if you want to accept card payments over the internet. This is a very critical software application that makes it possible to accept payments online.

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