Splitit Plus, New Payment Gateway for Instalment Payments

Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Have you heard about Splitit Plus by one of the global payment companies? This is a new payment gateway developed for instalment payments. This article will discuss the new offering and help you find an exceptional provider of payment-processor reviews in the UK

New Payment Solution Splitit Plus 

One of the global payment-solution providers allowing shoppers to pay instalments using their credit cards has launched its new service. Using this new payment solution, your customers can enjoy payment instalments within minutes.

This new payment solution is about “Buy Now, Pay Later” services that are a hot-button topic both among merchants and consumers these days. With this new solution, you can offer your customers instalment payments with the added-value payment-gateway service. This new payment solution is quick to instal and can be integrated seamlessly. 

For the activation in any corner of the world, you just need to use this new gateway or the company’s other partner integrated gateways. This new solution is an all-in-one platform bringing together the company’s instalment-payment platform with a card-processing solution so customers can make instalment payments. 

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Splitit Plus Benefits  

This new payment solution aims to help you save money through competitive rates. It combines payment-processing and instalment fees. As a result, you can receive the full purchase cost upfront or over time as your customers make instalment payments on a monthly basis. 

You can use this new payment solution to sign up directly or use one of the company’s partner gateways with 90-plus integration. No need to wait long for approval. 

You may wonder what differences exist between the company’s older and the new offerings. Well, the old solution serves as an instalment platform that gets connected to the payment gateway you’re already using. The new service brings together the instalments and payment gateway into 1 product.

To sum up, the global payment-technology company Splitit now offers its new service, which is a payment gateway allowing merchants to enjoy a higher level of growth. The onboarding process is seamless. To find the right merchant services for your eCommerce business, work with a respectable processor-comparison specialist. 

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