SmartTrade App vs. Gtmhub: Choose the Best Software for Your Business

Friday, January 7th, 2022

It’s the start of a new year. Time to take stock of the old and ring in the new. For many business owners, that includes searching for the right business intelligence solution to simplify processes and fuel growth.

Two increasingly popular options are the SmartTrade app and Gtmhub. If your business is looking for new software, you might’ve stumbled across these options. If so, the following information will provide valuable insights, help you choose the option that is right for you and make changes that will boost your business over the coming months.

SmartTrade or Gtmhub?

So, how does SmartTrade app compare with Gtmhub? 

SmartTrade App. This remarkable free mobile payments app is new to the market. It not only accepts Visa, Mastercard, Amex Credit or Debit Cards, but it allows you to do so from anywhere. The biggest advantage of all is that no credit card readers, contracts or credit checks are required. You can easily send customised quotes, invoices and receipts, and handle jobs and bookings.

Gtmhub. This company boasts that it can amplify your business’ revenue growth. It takes your business systems to another level by enriching your data with machine learning, business logic and other techniques. The purpose behind them is to help you identify and escalate key revenue opportunities. 

Which Option is the Most Cost-effective?

There are many different costs involved when it comes to business intelligence software. It includes software license, maintenance & support and other key services. It’s also important to account for “hidden costs” that add up quickly and chip away at your bottom line.

When comparing these two options, SmartTrade and Gtmhub are around the same cost. SmartTrade app starts around $15 per license. Meanwhile, Gtmhub is around $1 per user/month. SmartTrade app is rated 4, while Gtmhub is also rated 4.

Which Option Has the Better Features?

Of course, it’s incredibly important to consider the features and functionality before you make your final decision. SmartTrade offers support for multiple payment methods and automates the billing process. Gtmhub is designed to support both small- and medium-sized businesses and large companies. Before you choose, make sure you dive further into the features, benefits and overall costs. Set your business up for success with a software that helps your business reach a new level this year.

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