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Wednesday, February 7th, 2018
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What We Like

We found the staff working for Total Processing seemed knowledgeable and approachable. Also, we did not discover any complaints or negative reviews about the financial services company.

What We Didn't Like

Total Processing did not provide enough upfront information about pricing, fees, contracts, or terms. We are suspicious of merchant account providers that keep almost all of the most valuable information hidden.

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Total Processing (Total Processing Limited) was founded in 2016 by a team of business professionals who wanted to provide the highest standards of service and security to the payment market. Headquartered in Didsbury, Manchester, its business owners and professionals wanted to help others avoid the many complex and unnecessary problems they had encountered over the years.

Though Total Processing aims to provide customers with a simple, straightforward, and transparent payment solutions and offers merchant accounts and services that are aimed to help reduce fraud and approval ratings. Additionally, it offers merchant account solutions that can be fully customized to merchants’ needs and the latest fraud prevention tools. Additionally, it offers solutions that can allow you to accept payments from a website and to manage their payment gateways from mobile devices. However, they aren’t very free with rates, fees, and terms and condition details.

Total Processing is a financial services company that comes off as tacky marketing pamphlet. Among the many images, graphics, and its vague benefits and claims, there is little substance. The site never gets to the heart of their products, services, and prices. Though there are many processors that avoid displaying or discussing pricing information is getting more difficult to justify it when so many other high-quality processors fully disclose this information.


We find it difficult to call Total Processing’s marketing approach honest since it fails to disclose much information to potential customers. While many other processors, give a full view of the pricing, terms, and policies, Total Processing doesn’t. Additionally, the website is difficult to navigate and confusing to anyone who is tries to easily find answers to questions. You will find yourself clicking on the same buttons over again to find more information, but it ends up taking you back to square one.

We also find some of its claims concerning at best. Total Processing prides itself on customer service, promising rapid set-up of accounts via its simple and easy application form. It further promises to prioritize applications with its major bank partners and ensures that the typical delays you find in accessing funds are significantly reduced through their services. We find these to be bold statements, and feel that they would be more effective and helpful to customers if Total Processing explained how they managed to assist in these areas.

One positive marketing hook is the blog posts, additional educational reports, and statistics it offers on its site. We also are curious to in out is partnership with Merchant Advice Service. In April 2017, Total Processing partnered with advice platform and intermediary, Merchant Advice Service as a way to grow its client base. Any inquiries that require special attention, such as those in the adult and travel industries and with poor credit histories, are passed on to one of the expert negotiators from Merchant Advice Service. The goal of this partnership is to ensure clients receive the best possible support and deals available, so they can thrive and save money.


It is difficult to determine whether a business is offering misleading or deceptive information when they don’t give you pricing specifics or the details of their terms, conditions, and policies. Total Processing claims to offer the “cheapest rates available” and it doesn’t charge the inflated rates for the cost per transaction, increased annual fee, or higher payment gateway fees. However, we find this concerning since none of the concrete numbers are presented to back up these claims.

In addition to helping you accept a variety of major credit and debit cards, it says it doesn’t impose monthly volume caps on your revenues and ensures that the acquiring bank that it connects you with will offer generous processing limits. We also would be interested in learning more about this since it is not fully explained anywhere.

Additionally, Total Processing has active partnerships with major banks that they match with qualified customers. Total Processing is upfront about its partners. It partners with Giropay, JCB, iDeal, and Sofort Banking.


Total Processing uses a revenue share to support its sales pipeline. Total Processing works with several strategic merchant service partners and banks across the world to help all types of companies to get the solutions they need. Total Processing’s referral program allows processors and acquirers to maximize their revenue returns by upselling, cross selling or packaging a merchant account while selling their own products and services. By becoming a partner, a business can earn a lifetime share of the processing fees merchants you refer pay to accept credit card transactions. Also, those that become partners with Total Processing get competitive commercial incentives, a dedicated partner manager, expert support, and thorough monthly statements.

Based on the information provided by Total Processing, if it does all of the merchant account selling or that it operates with what are referred to as “sub-ISOs.” This is when a merchant account provider is a subsidiary, affiliate, partner or reseller of an actual Independent Sales Organization (ISO). Often, sub-ISOs are sales organizations that resell the services of larger ISOs or direct processors, such as Total Processing. Problems can arise when sub-ISOs fail to honestly identify themselves. The can result in a business paying more for a merchant account. Sub-ISOs can change pricing, fees, and contract terms without informing the ISO.

Though we discovered no complaints about misleading sales tactics, this type of referral program can often lead to serious customer service issues. If Total Processing does discover that any similar tactics are being used, it should do what it can to resolve the issues and prevent them from happening in the future.

All clients are encouraged to fill out an inquiry form, send an email to sales@totalprocessing.com, or call 0330 041 4768.

Staff Education

Total Processing’s staff seemed competent, and well-educated on the services they offered. Internal staff answered our questions simply and easily with confidence. We believe the ability to speak with conviction is a trait that is necessary for salespeople who want to be trusted and accepted on their words. This shows the staff understood what they sold and how they could benefit the purchaser. Nevertheless, the staff remained very tight-lipped on pricing. Representatives wanted you fully engaged in the application process before providing any rates.


Staff Interaction

Calling Total Processing can be frustrating. There was a long wait to speak with representatives and several times we were disconnected when we were placed on hold, forcing us to restart the process with an entirely different representative. Fortunately, most representatives provided the same information, so again this backs up what we said about the team being trained and educated.

Though Total Processing has Twitter and Facebooks accounts, its presence is almost non-existent. Neither social media platform is used to interact or engage with customers. It has fewer than 20 followers on Twitter and just a handful of likes on Facebooks. We believe both areas are missed opportunities for the business.


Once we were able to connect and stay connected on the phone call, the support staff was approachable. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about emails. Total Processing took more than two full business days to get a response via email. The email was brief, didn’t offer any answers, and instead encouraged us to call again.


In terms of availability, Total Processing offers many avenues. Unfortunately, the experiences were very inconsistent. One staff member seemed very eager to help with a support issue while others kept placing us on hold, which resulted in several disconnections. This was especially troubling since the one email we received suggested we would need to call to get the support we needed.


Although none of the fees are disclosed on Total Processing’s site, anyone who wants to maintain a merchant account can expect to pay a number of monthly and annual fees. Processing a transaction with a bank depends on numerous factors, ranging from your industry type and size, the average cost of your products and services, and transaction volumes. For example, online furniture stores that sell more expensive times with estimated longer delivery times likely will pay higher rates than a business that sells low-cost clothing. Fees depend on numerous factors, such as the services you need. Fees can be charged for various types of equipment, and chargebacks. Total Processing does include a free 100% PCI-compliant virtual payment gateway, which protects clients’ payment information, with its merchant accounts.


Though Total Processing is a very young business, it is unusual to find no comments from unhappy customers. During our search, we uncovered no bad reviews or complaints on the Ripoff Report.

We found several positive testimonials on Total Processing’s own site. Though comments are attributed to companies, we find it suspicious that no names or titles are provided with them. The testimonials would be much more valuable if the personal information was included. It would allow other potential customers to reach out to them and discuss the pros and cons of working with Total Processing.

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