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Tuesday, September 29th, 2020
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T1 Payments is a merchant account provider that services both standard and high risk e-Commerce businesses worldwide. They provide “same-day” merchant accounts, credit card processing at a flat rate, and “liberal” underwriting merchant services.

There are no credit card terminals to purchase, or special software necessary, and merchants benefit from fast boarding.

What We Didn't Like

Unfortunately, there are numerous complaints filed against the company, not only on the Better Business Bureau but scattered throughout online review forums such as Trustpilot, RepDigger, and Top Credit Card Processors. The common theme discussed on these forums, according to former and current customers is that T1 Payments is a “scam”. Specific complaints by customers include rude customer service, excessive termination fees, the withholding of funds, termination of their account without notice, and “higher-than-quoted” fees. 

Another recurrent action seen in the Top Credit Card Processors website is T1 Payments repeatedly commenting on different customer’s complaints, indicating their “first time” of hearing such a complaint and the unavailability of the owner’s name on record in their system.

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Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada T1 Payments offers state-of-the-art shopping cart solutions, a secure payment gateway, payment card industry compliance (PCI DSS), ongoing account monitoring via fraud scrubs, and online reporting in real-time.

With T1 Payments’ Fraud Scrubbing Solution, high risk merchants are able to detect and block any suspicious activity or transactions before they are processed. They come with a series of “pre-set rules” that are based on real patterns detected such as:

  • Anomalies: anything that departs from expected activity.
  • Activity: if a payment card is being used for many transactions within a short span of time.
  • Blacklists: a transaction will be halted if any of the data on the card has already been flagged as high-risk.
  • IP: if the consumer’s IP address differs from the country associated with their payment card.
  • Trends: spotting the typical behavior of fraudsters
  • Verification: when the shipping and billing address don’t match.

With T1 Payments’ advanced Fraud Scrubbing Solution, as well as other risk management tools, high risk merchants are well-supported and can accept payments with confidence.

T1 Payments boasts established relationships with banks worldwide, which means that they are able to customize a credit card processing solution for a wide variety of businesses. This includes both domestic and international merchants and online payments can be processed in any currency necessary.

Since they are a “payments facilitator”, it can provide online merchants with an “end-to-end” solution, all in the same company. There are no drawn-out applications or burdensome requirements for underwriting. All customers benefit from a single flat rate from all major credit card companies including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and JCB.

As a high-risk merchant account provider, T1 Payments are willing to provide high risk merchants with safe credit card processing regardless of being featured on the MATCH list or rejected by other processors who have deemed them too high of a risk. There are no credit or background checks. Merchants simply need to fill out an online pre-qualification application form, with the last three months of bank statements (personal or business), along with the last three months of your previous processing history, if applicable. Once all documentation has been submitted, merchants can receive approval in as little as 24 hours.

The onboarding process is straightforward, with the time frame being between 2 to 5 business days. An in-house team is available to assist with the process as quickly as possible.

Some of the industries that T1 Payments has worked with include mCommerce, Vape and e-Cigarette, Online Dating, Travel, Hemp and CBD, Multi-Level Marketing, Online Gaming, Nutraceuticals, and Adult Entertainment, just to name a few.

According to T1 Payments CEO, Donald Kasdon, being a high risk merchant is not a deal-breaker. In fact, T1 has taken on merchants that have been rejected or dropped by leading processors. The only criteria that is required is that the high risk merchant meets T1 Payments’ criteria.

T1 Payments also has its own Partnership Program. They offer the following perks and benefits for their ISO agents and partners:

  • Flat rate fees
  • Chargeback prevention services
  • Customer support (in-house)
  • Risk management experience
  • Anti-fraud account monitoring
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Regulatory compliance (PCI)
  • Global payment processing
  • All-inclusive online reporting

Partners are also eligible for residuals. They get 50% revenue sharing on all high-risk accounts. These residuals are paid for the entire lifetime of the account. T1 Payments encourages their partners to stay well-informed with the challenges being faced within certain industries and any issues that are evolving, that could potentially affect their accounts.

Another point of differentiation, as reported by Kasdon, is that T1 Payments is the first processor in the high-risk space to pay its agents and partners daily. However, the unintentional result of that is the attraction of the inappropriate type of businesses via agents who are driven by getting the daily payments rather than how stable the business is. To resolve this, the team at T1 Payments spent two years developing a real-time reporting system that can identify any suspicious activity and seal off those businesses. This can be done quickly due to the data being live.

The proof has been in the pudding since Kadson reported that the results in the chargeback rate have been “10 to 20 basis points” a month.

In order to reduce card not present fraud and chargebacks, merchants must employ chargeback mitigation tools. T1 Payments has partnered up with leading chargeback mitigation tools in the industry. As part of their comprehensive services offered to their merchants, T1 Payments automatically subscribe merchants to Verifi, Ethoca, and TC 40’s.

It simply works like this. As soon as T1 Payments receives an alert, this alert originates with the credit card issuer, to determine fraudulent practices or any history of chargeback. T1 then refunds the transaction instantly to make sure that a chargeback is not given for that particular, suspicious transaction. T1 continues to analyze transactions to ensure that there are not more fraudulent payments being created. With this new data analysis, T1 is able to update fraud rules within its system to prevent future fraudulent transactions.

There are many benefits to T1’s suite of chargeback mitigation tools. They include:

  • Terminating fraud
  • Stopping chargebacks
  • Higher issuer acceptance
  • Lower future fraud


T1 Payments offers its services through its website at t1payments.com. It also, as mentioned before, T1 hires independently contracted outside sales agents and inside sales agents for their sales team and to market their services. 


Although the company’s website indicates that there is a flat rate payment structure, there are many complaints to be found about being forced to pay outrageous cash reserves and early termination fees.  

One specific instance found was where a customer said they were lied to about the on-boarding fees. They reported a $250 a month fee after the contract was signed. T1 then proceeded to launch this merchant’s website without informing him. According to this merchant, “when speaking with their reps, they are scripted, rude, and have a complete lack of knowledge regarding financials of their own company.”

This can be considered very unfavorable for the company.


T1 Payments has sought out significant partners to offer more merchants the opportunity to mitigate risk. As mentioned before, they have partnered with the leading agents in the industry of chargeback and fraud mitigation. These include Verifi, Ethoca, and TC 40’s. 

In addition to these partnerships, T1 has also partnered with 175 different platforms for more integration choices for merchants. If the merchant’s website is an open sourced platform, T1 will be able to integrate with their payment gateway. 


T1 Payments can be contacted by phone and there are dedicated email addresses for both the Sales and Support department. There seems to be no live chat available at this time. The hours and days of operation are clearly indicated on their website. A contact form is also available for any inquiries merchants may have. 

However, even with this information clearly displayed, there are throngs of bad reviews that put T1 Payments’ customer support in a very negative light. 

Customers have reported complaints, only to be ignored and given no response back to their concerns. When merchants would call asking for their funds, they are given the run around and told the funds will be in their account, “tonight”, when in fact the funds are never deposited. Others have reported that when their initial payments were cleared, they weren’t paid for 6-7 months, with no way of getting a hold of anyone in the company. 


For the T1 Payment pricing model, they offer a month-to-month contract with interchange-plus pricing for merchants that are considered standard risk. Although it advertises their virtual terminal and payment gateway on their website, the specific pricing on these services is not mentioned. There are additional fees included, typical for e-Commerce services such as technical support fees, batch fees, additional transaction rates, and of course gateway fees. But again, the pricing information is not disclosed.

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