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Friday, April 20th, 2018
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What We Like

Orbit Card Services has no monthly sales volume limits, it accepts most high-risk businesses, and it is fairly transparent about pricing.

What We Didn't Like

Orbit Card Services charges a set-up fee and a steep annual fee for high-risk merchant accounts. Its customer service was nonexistent and it works with independent sales organizations.

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Orbit Card Services is a merchant services provider that was established in Manchester in 2008. In addition to providing online payment processing services, Orbit Card Services specialize in arranging merchant accounts with acquiring banks in Europe, the United States, and Asia. It links its services with numerous payment gateway partners.

Orbit Card Services works with standard e-commerce businesses, as well as high-volume, offshore, high-risk merchants, including those in the gambling, adult entertainment, and nutraceutical businesses. Also, it works with businesses with bad credit and those that commonly of high chargeback ratios. It works with multiple types of currency and promises reliable, secure transaction features. It works with all “legal” businesses that want to accept credit cards via their websites or through phone and mail orders.


Orbit Card Services offers a comprehensive website that doesn’t lead merchants into a web of promotions and gimmicks. However, Orbit Card Services has no marketing campaign. Though its site offers prompts users to follow it on Facebook and Twitter, it hasn’t posted anything since 2014. The same is true of its Google+ and LinkedIn pages. It’s also been several years since it posted any new blog entries.


Orbit Card Services’ policies and fee structures are clear, easy to find, and simple to understand. From chargeback fees and processing rates to rolling reserves, Orbit Card Services puts all of its information out there along with a number of well-placed disclosures. We found nothing deceptive on its site, including policy language.

Also, we liked that it clearly outlined its application process, its timeline, and the specific documents merchants would need in order to gain approval for a merchant account. It also clearly lists that policies and contact information merchants’ websites will need in order to be approved.


Like many merchant services providers, Orbit Card Services uses independent sales organizations and resellers to increase its revenue base. Partnering with resellers is often a customer service nightmare because they can set their own prices for the same exact services. This doesn’t appear to an issue with Orbit Card Services, since we found no complaints about aggressive sales tactics or misleading information. However, Orbit Card Services doesn’t disclose any of its partners, so it is impossible to know whether resellers are using any deceptive practices when selling their services.


It is great that Orbit Card Services offers so much information online because we were unable to have any interactions with its staff. We called during different times and on different business days and we were never able to get a representative. On one day, the phone rang multiple times and eventually we were disconnected. We also found it strange that Orbit Card Services’ live chat option wasn’t available during its regular business hours. At several different times throughout the day, we tried to initiate the chat and we kept receiving the same message, “Sorry, we aren’t online at the moment. Leave a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”

Staff Responsiveness

As we previously mentioned, the emails that we sent and the live chats that we submitted were never returned.


Orbit Card Services has two glowing reviews on Trustpilot. Reviewers called the business, “available constantly, supportive, and true to their word.” The last review was submitted in January 2015. Also, it is important to mention that the company has claimed its profile on Trustpilot. This gives Orbit Card Services access to its business account. However, Trustpilot doesn’t know if the business is actively collecting reviews.


When it comes to pricing, we find Orbit Card Services openness refreshing. It is upfront about pricing and it clearly marks any figures that are ranges and come with disclaimers. Its fees vary depending on which country the business is located.

Processing fees for a European merchant account range between 1.50% and 3.50% plus between €0.15 and €0.25 per transaction.

Merchant account fees are as follows:

  • Bank annual fee: €98
  • Bank annual fee for high-risk merchant accounts: €950
  • Annual fee 3D secure (optional): €49
  • Refund fee: €1.30
  • Retrieval fee: €5
  • Chargeback fee: €15 – €24

It also charges a number of gateway fees:

  • Set-up fee: €100
  • Monthly fee: €20
  • Monthly fee 3D secure (optional): €10
  • 3D secure transaction attempt fee: €0.06

Orbit Card Services also requires a rolling reserve of 5% to 10% for 180 days. Additionally, Orbit Card Services charges no fee for a virtual terminal and has no monthly transaction limits. Weekly payouts are made with seven days delays. Daily payouts are possible with monthly volumes of more than €1M.

For a U.S. direct merchant account, processing rates are between 1.50% and 3.50% plus between €0.20 and €0.25 per transaction. For a Hong Kong account, the rates are between 2.60% and 4.50% plus between €0.20and €0.25 per transaction. For a third party international merchant account, the rates are between 4% and 5.50% plus between $0.30 and $0.50 per transaction. For an offshore high-risk account, such as one for a pharmacy or a gambling business, the rates are between 7.50% and 9.00% plus between $0.75 and $1.00 per transaction.

All final rates depend on processing volume, geographical factors, and merchant business type.

Early Termination Fees

Though its terms and conditions and other excerpts on its site references merchants have to sign a contract, Orbit Card Services doesn’t disclose its length or whether there is any fee if it is terminated. Since we were not able to reach a member of its staff, we were unable get any further details.

Hardware Costs

It does not appear that Orbit Card Services sells or rents card readers, point-of-sale terminals, or other equipment.

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