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Monday, October 19th, 2020
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What We Like

Ikajo is a payment gateway service provider that is geared towards international merchants with e-Commerce stores. With its own fully-integrated payment platform, ikajo offers its merchants a payment solution that is completely customizable and flexible. 

Merchants have a choice of two verticals: Crypto and Forex. The Crypto vertical is aimed towards those who trade in cryptocurrencies, while the Forex vertical is for foreign exchange brokers. 

Other solutions that ikajo offers its merchants are payment gateways, credit card processing services, and a feature called Charge Advisor. This feature works towards increasing payment conversion as well as analyzing data to prevent chargebacks and fraud. 

Ikajo also integrates with most shopping platforms and can be customized to suit business needs. 

What We Didn't Like

The only issues found with ikajo comes from a few negative reviews posted online by current users. There was one bad review that mentioned ikajo’s poor customer service. 

One user was unhappy at how long ikajo took to get back to him once he applied for a payment gateway. He reported that ikajo originally said it would take one to two business days for a response. However, there was no response for nine days. This was after he was following up with them each and every day. 

Another user reported that ikajo held back funds to allow the bank to verify that no chargebacks would occur. Although there were no chargebacks in the subsequent two months, ikajo e-mailed the user, informing them that the bank “had some kind of issue”, after which all the funds mysteriously disappeared. 

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Founded in 2003 and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, ikajo is an international payment service provider that has subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Ikajo offers solutions to merchants that span 130 countries, spanning numerous verticals. 

Ikajo’s team boasts that it has completed over 14,000 projects. They also claim to have developed “the original fraud prevention software”. Their aim is to continue to expand their market reach and expand their current list of payment processing solutions. 

Here are some of ikajo’s features and benefits:

  • They have low transaction fees, starting at 1.2%. There are no additional fees and it includes free setup.
  • It offers 3D-S and non-3D-S transactions.
  • A secure PCI DSS compliant payment gateway
  • Provides clients with state-of-the-art fraud and chargeback prevention software.
  • Provides merchants with assistance in chargeback disputes.
  • Offers any integration type (API, VT, HPP, plug-ins for CMS).
  • Merchants can choose between recurring billing and one-time payments.
  • Provides merchants with direct MIDs and aggregate merchant accounts.
  • Immediate customer support.

The three main components of ikajo’s offerings include Charge Advisor, credit card processing, and their online payment gateway.

With their Charge Advisor, ikajo retrieves and analyzes the merchant’s complete historical data. Once collected, it then creates a precise and viable model with “integrated machine learning capabilities”. This solution was created for the purpose of preventing fraud and chargebacks, improving payment conversion, and to boost traffic performance. 

Ikajo’s credit card processing solution facilitates merchants to accept credit and debit card payments without compromising security. Their online payment gateway offers a safe and secure platform that will process all transactions to make sure merchants get paid without any inconveniences. 

Additional benefits provides by ikajo are as follows:


  • A Global Reach: For e-Commerce merchants who operate in international markets or for those who have their sights set on expanding globally, ikajo is the perfect payment processing partner. Its platform currently operates in 249 countries and also benefits from having solid partnerships with over 50 major international banking corporations worldwide. All funds get paid out instantly and securely.



  • Ward Off Fraud and Win More Chargebacks: With ikajo’s highest-level fraud protection in place, merchants can detect and prevent fraudulent transactions with ease, as well as win more chargebacks. Their low transaction fees of just 1.2% allow merchants to not only get paid quickly, but they get to keep more of their bottom line. This means more revenue and more revenue always translates into more growth for the business. 



  • Security For Customers: All customer information is safe from any unauthorized players. Ikajo prides itself in using “bank-grade security measures” and abides by the highest security standards and compliance to ensure all data remains unbreached. 


To suit a variety of business needs and their corresponding payment needs, ikajo offers more than 150 payment options. Some of these payment methods include:

  • cash
  • credit cards
  • debit cards
  • mobile payments
  • e-wallets
  • bank transfers


ikajo offers an Affiliate Partnership Program for its merchants. They have the opportunity to make an extra 50% of revenue by referring “qualified business owners” from the merchant’s network to ikajo’s online payment service provider. 

The way it works: 

  1. Merchants must find business owners within their network
  2. They will need to inform them about ikajo’s payment solution.
  3. Ikajo will then “examine and qualify” their business.
  4. If they qualify, the referring merchant receives 50% of ikajo’s net gain.

The specific partnerships they are looking for are the following:

  • Webmasters with a website that has “relevant auditory”
  • Developers who create websites and offer “ready to work solutions”
  • Media Buyers
  • ISO & MRP
  • Those who have a solid network of business owners
  • Individuals who participate in relevant forums or social media and want to contribute useful and relevant links to those users.


There was no evidence found in which ikajo demonstrated any deceptive practices of any kind. This company seems very transparent. There were a few negative reviews as referenced above due to poor customer service and certain banks acquiring merchants’ money. However, the rest of the reviews found online featured customers that were overall very satisfied with their service. 


Ikajo does not appear to employ any independent sales agents within the company.


For customer support, the only information given on the website was an email option via a contact form. Customers can also send a message via the Telegram platform.  There is no evidence of a phone number, live chat, or anything similar on their company website. 


Ikajo’s transaction fees vary and are based on both the merchant’s industry. They start off at 1.2% and there are no additional fees or setup fees. For CBD businesses, the fees are 2%, for online dating businesses, the fees are 2.5%, and gambling business is at 3%.

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