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Thursday, February 15th, 2018
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What We Like

Through its partners, HRMS offers secure payments solutions to high-risk merchants internationally.

What We Didn't Like

HRMS charges a set-up for some businesses. The amount of the fee or the reasons why some may be charged is not explained. Also, those that do need to pay the fee must do so at the start of the application process.

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HRMS (High Risk Merchant Services) is a UK-based payment service provider offering securing payment solutions to clients in England and Europe. It is part of PayGlobal Group, which is a UK-based business specializing in offshore company formation in the country. If identifies small businesses as strategic partners and then, uses their skills and capabilities to solve their clients challenges. In 2002, PayGlobal launched HRMS and Cash2Bank. In 2014, it launched PayGlobal Gateway Services and launched PayGlobal Direct Debit System a year later.

In January 2016, PayCertify, a Los Gatos, CA-based business that offers payment gateways, merchant solutions, and secure payment options for high-risk merchants, announced its partnership with HRMS. PayCertify, which also partners with Canada-based Paytronicks, announced that the partnership aims to help both companies reach more customers across the globe. PayCertify is in discussion with other payment service providers in the U.S., Europe, and Israel in the hopes of continuing to establish an international footprint.


Though HRMS doesn’t fill its site with a lot of gimmicks and flashy language, it also is fair to say it what it does have is a bunch of fluff. There was nothing on the site that we would consider misleading or deceptive, but again the site doesn’t really provide much information at all.

Also, HRMS does note in a few places that is part of PayGlobal but it gets a little confusing when you click on its action buttons and you are all of sudden on a PayGlobal site. Trying to navigate back to the original page is not simple. Additionally, it took over a minute to get a page to open. That will be frustrating for any customer. In our opinion, both sites need complete makeovers in terms of content, design, and ease of navigation.


Like many other merchant account providers, HRMS has relationships with affiliates, banks, and other businesses. Unfortunately, it is not very transparent about these businesses. HRMS does not list PayCertify as a partner on its site. But, PayCertify does mention being a partner of HRMS. Unfortunately, PayCertify is not very forthcoming about rates and other information on its site either. Knowing all of HRMS’ partners, which is something other providers disclose, would add greater insight in the business and its practices.


Since HRMS works with PayCertify and PayGlobal and none of them list concrete pricing, this makes for an unusual sales situation. For example, it is unclear if PayCertify represents itself as an agent working for HRMS or vice versa when it is working with customers. This makes us question if they are allow off the same services for the same prices when they are partnering together. Though there are no complaints about deceptive sales practices, this is the type of situation that can lead to one.

Overall, based on our review and research, we believe HRMS is working quickly and amicably to ensure customers get their needs met.


Staff Education

It was a breath of fresh air to talk with representatives that were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and seemed to genuinely want to help. We were given some information that could be found on its website, but for the most part they were pretty close-lipped on the process unless you were ready to apply.

Staff Interaction

Sales agents are eager to respond and answer questions, but they are very guarded in their responses. They were confident and kept asking for the sale. They were never pushy, but they wouldn’t provide that extra openness until you agreed to move forward with your application. That was disappointing but not at all unpredictable.

Unfortunately, which we mention more in detail later, HRMS’ sites doesn’t offer the most cutting-edge ways to communicate. Its social media activity is nonexistent and doesn’t offer any live chat option. Since we didn’t have much luck with email, chat services seem like simple, affordable way to improve the customer experience.


HRMS doesn’t have its own sales or support staff. All inquiries are funneled through its parent company, PayGlobal. Due to this, we were anticipating long waits for responses. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case.

There is no live chat option. You can send emails and inquiries 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It also can be reached by phone and fax. Other than that, the ways to reach the business are limited.

HRMS’ Facebook page no longer works and its Twitter feed is inactive. PayGlobal does offer some how-tos and educational videos on its YouTube channel.


After using the inquiry form, which is actually operated by PayGlobal, we received an automated response within an hour. However, we never received any answers to our questions via the form or from the email we submitted. For this business, the best way to communicate is by calling. Though its staff was not as forthcoming as we would have liked, they seemed overall knowledgeable and approachable.


HRMS promises that its fees are some of the “most competitive on the market.” Unfortunately, the explanation stops there. It does not provide any of its rates or fees online. When we discussed processing rates with staff, we found they were in line with current industry standards. We were given estimates, noting that several other factors, such as credit history, can impact the final prices. The staff was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and eager to help.

Note that chargeback and processing fees can run the gamut depending on the business. Typically, credit-card processing rates can range between 2% and 4%, and that’s not always including flat fees for individual transactions.

However, when the situation switched to the possibility of a set-up fee, the representative confirmed that other information would be provided until the application process was underway. Staff also noted that rates could be negotiated if we didn’t the deal. According to some people, they were quoted a starting set-up fee of $1,100.

Since so many factors impact the final costs and the market is constantly evolving and changing, we did not feel it was appropriate to use the actual figures. With that being said, it would be much more transparent if some details could be found online.

Our fees are some of the most competitive in the market and will be agreed upon once we understand your business model and requirements.


There are few complaints about HRMS, other than the starting high set-up fee, which some say starts at about $1,100. Other complained about the lack of information about the banks they used and whether they were legitimate. Nevertheless, most of the online conversation about HRMS is about finding someone who has used its services and whether they were running a scam.

No serious complaints were found lodged against PayGlobal. On Ripoff Report, there were some complaints lodged against one of HRMS’s partners, PayCertify, and its principal. One complaint called the phone staff unprofessional and questioned whether its compliance explanations were misleading. In 2017, PayCertify pledged commitment to continually improve operations and became Ripoff Report Verified as a safe business service and trusted business.

Hardware Costs

Like its other references to pricing, hardware costs are vague. It notes that there are hardware costs, but doesn’t get into specifics.

According to market prices, it is important to note that merchants can spend about $260 on average for an NVC reader. Many merchant account providers provide EMV POS terminals at no charge or at reduced rates to businesses. If you need to pay full price for an EMV reader, you can expect to pay about $556 per device.

Termination Fees

HRMS does not disclose any information about early termination fees, contracts, or lengths of contracts.

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