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Wednesday, May 16th, 2018
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Global Payments offers many products and services, it charges no application fee, and it works with many types of industries.

What We Didn't Like

Global Payments’ standard contract runs for three years with an automatic renewal. It doesn’t discloses any of its pricing, and it charges an early termination fee.

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Operating for more than 50 years and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Global Payments Direct Inc. is one of the largest credit card processors in the payment processing industry. It started in 1967 as National Data Corporation, and it is a registered independent sales organization of Wells Fargo Bank in Concord, CA, and BMO Harris Bank. Also, Global Payments is the preferred supplier for credit card processing in the UK for HSBC, the seven largest bank in the world. HSBC and Global Payments have a referral agreement. Global Payments in the UK acquired HSBC Merchant Services in 2009. Global Payments expanded its reach in 2016 by acquiring the large U.S.-based credit card processor, Heartland Payment Systems.

Global Payments Inc. is a worldwide provider of payment technology and software solutions to customers globally. With more than 10,000 employees worldwide, Global Payments is a director processor specializing in processing for merchants of all sizes in every sector. Processing is available in 140 currencies and settlement is available in 15 currencies. It has customers and partners in 30 countries throughout North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and Brazil.

Though Global Payments has seen its fair share of success, it was previously embroiled in a phony debt scheme. The Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau (CFPB) filed a complaint in 2015 against Global Payments and other payment processors, claiming they tried to collect nonexistent debt from customers. According to the filing, Global Payments ignored signs that the debt collectors were operating illegally. In 2017, the case was dismissed after the CFPB was sanctioned for misconduct.


Global Payments engages in direct-to-customer marketing through its social channels, including Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. It uses the digital space to promotes its products and services, as well as any industry-related news.

On another positive note, the company as a whole doesn’t seem to use misleading or baiting marketing tactics.


Though we noticed nothing overtly deceptive about Global Payments, a number of customers have complained that they were not given clear pictures of their costs or all of the terms of their agreements.


Global Payments uses independent sales agents. Using this approach often leads to customer service issues. The same rings true here as it has led to several complaints for misleading and aggressive sales tactics.

Though Global Payments doesn’t promote any misleading “starting at” rates, it doesn’t disclose all important terms. Upon reviewing the complaints, it appears most issues originated from resellers. Since different resellers will sell different plans at different rates, merchants will need to negotiate the best offers and not take any verbal agreements as truth. This approach to sales and its log of complaints is enough to make sure that you take caution and read before you sign a contract.


There are several ways to reach Global Payments. New customers can click on the “Request a Callback” box to submit an inquiry form. Staff also is available via phone and email.

Additionally, Global Payments offers numerous resources and documentation in its UK Customer Centre, which offers everything, from facts about credit card processing to merchant news. A help desk line is available for customers who can’t find answers using the centre. Lines are open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays.

Staff Education

During our interactions, we found the representatives at Global Payments to be very knowledgeable and confident. They were quick to ask questions but only replied with vague answers. We felt the team was led by an experienced staff.

Staff Interaction

Despite the knowledge of its staff, representatives are not ready to offer up any concrete rates and figures until they know more about your background and business.

Though the staff was pleasant, courteous, and professional, if you want to get to the bottom line, you need to sign up for an account.

Staff Responsiveness

When we emailed Global Payments, we received a response almost immediately. We found this very positive. However, the responses only encouraged us to call sales for additional information. After many efforts, we did reach someone in sales. At first, he was courteous and eager to make the sale, but we started to feel pressured toward the end of the call.


Global Payments doesn’t make public any of its fees or rates. You will need to contact Global Payments directly and negotiate a deal that best meets your needs. During negotiations, you will want to ask about PCI-compliance, monthly, special equipment, and per-transaction fees.

Early Termination Fees

Global Payments’ standard contract is three years with a variable early termination fee of up to £358. The agreement is automatically renewed for one year after the initial term, according to Global Payments’ general business conditions. After the original fixed term, you can terminate the agreement by giving no less than one month’s written notice.

Hardware Costs

Global Payments leases point-of-sale terminals and other hardware at unknown prices. According to Global Payments’ terms of service agreement, each rented terminal must be installed within one month of delivery or you are subject to a £150 non-installation charge. If you wish to upgrade or switch models, an undisclosed set-up and administration fee may apply.

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