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Monday, October 19th, 2020
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Confirmo LTD (Bitcoinpay.com) is a global payment gateway that offers instantaneous service. It is primarily built on the “peer-to-peer” virtual coin, the Bitcoin. Confirmo takes on the risk of the Bitcoin exchange rate and makes it easy for merchants to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. 

They currently support settlements in the four currencies of Euros, U.S. Dollars, Polish Zloty, and the Czech Koruna.

Confirmo prides itself on being the first Bitcoin company to provide cash settlements to the underdeveloped countries and the unbanked. They number more than 140 countries worldwide. 

Each business day, payments are deposited into the chosen linked bank account, which can be sent in cash or settled in Bitcoins. 

Payments can be received from virtually any country in the world for almost no fees and without having to worry about fraud.

Confirmo also provides solutions for both “e-shops” as well as physical retail stores in the form of POS terminals. They offer API integration as well as e-Commerce plugins. 

With no contracts or monthly fees, merchants can approach Confirmo without having to make a commitment. 

Confirmo abides by all regulatory bodies within the UK to ensure they remain compliant. 


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Founded in 2014, the Czech-owned, London-based Confirmo LTD is known as one of the most rapidly growing firms in the Bitcoin commerce industry. Led by CEO Roman Valihrach and Co-Founder Daniel Houska, Confirmo is at the forefront of being the main drivers for cryptocurrency adoption in both the Czech Republic and throughout the EU. 

Confirmo’s secret to its success is attributed to doing business “the old-fashioned way”, that is by offering safe and convenient solutions that consumers, merchants, and traders can depend on. Thereby, establishing trust along the way. 

The way Confirmo works is that it operates as a bridge between those merchants who choose to accept cryptocurrency as payment and the consumers who want to use cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services. 

Recently, the platform was redesigned and “redeployed”. The result is that it now delivers on both functionality and flexibility for both ends of the transaction. Confirmo also reported that their database was moved to a new server,  greatly speeding up both payments and purchases.

With the revamp of their hardware, Confirmo has released more features for merchants. This includes automatic settlement downloads and printouts, so there’s no need to download PDFs manually. The platform also offers convenient views of balances and lets users switch views between different currencies. 

Merchants can customize by adjusting their profiles and modify their invoices using logos and company information. Payment option buttons also allow for customization in order to “personalize” their brand. They can choose from a wide variety of colors and there is a specific logo that is attributed to cryptocurrency.

For consumers, invoices are more user-friendly, straightforward, and sleek in appearance. 

Confirmo take all feedback seriously, which is why their platform underwent a complete redesign. Their aim is to continue to deliver user-friendly solutions.

Some additional features on offer from Confirmo include the following:

For Reporting and Bookkeeping

  • Summaries, account ledgers, API reports and PDF statements. 
  • A daily/weekly/monthly settlement setup.
  • Keep a minimum balance for refunds or payouts.

Security and Sub-accounts

  • 2-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Access rights for administration and support staff


  • E-mail notifications on payment status
  • E-mail notifications on mispayment
  • Automated accounting reports to e-mail addresses that are predetermined
  • API notifications

Another great feature is that Confirmo is completely customizable to fit the company’s branding. There is also no redirection to Confirmo’s payment gateway. Meaning, the customer stays on the merchant’s website throughout the entire transaction process. Using the latest in REST API functions, implementation only takes between three to four days. 

They have two “ready-made” plugins for online stores. The first is PrestaShop and their newest release, Shopify. For those with a Shopify store, merchants can begin receiving crypto as payment for their products and services. With setup so easy, no programming skills are required. 

In 2019, it was announced that Confirmo LTD had acquired bitcoinpay.com to provide more solutions for larger companies. 


Confirmo seems to rely on its website (their blog) and social media posts for announcements of their newest products and features.  The social media platforms in which they are most active include LinkedIn and Twitter. 


Confirmo seems pretty transparent and straightforward about all of its offerings. Via their website’s blog and their social media platforms, they aim to keep their customers in the loop about the latest innovations and improvements on their solutions. Any changes of prices are also announced on these platforms. 

So far, there is nothing to report on any misleading information or any deceptive practices from this company. In fact, they demonstrate that they care about what their customers are requesting and make adequate changes to meet and satisfy their needs.


Confirmo does not appear to employ any independent sales agents within the company.


For customer support, the only information given on the website was an email option. There is no evidence of a phone number, live chat, or anything similar on the website. 

They also have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page that addresses the most common questions merchants may have about their services.


Confirmo declares that there are no monthly fees, contracts, or any additional costs for initial setup. To accept payments, there is a charge of 0.8% per transaction that includes two fee modes. There is also Continuous Billing, where fees are charged in a simple way. They send the amount to the merchant’s account with the fees already deducted. 

They only seem to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin for cryptocurrency. Confirmo believes that it is better to offer the best, quality cryptocurrency and not have hundreds on offer. 

For Payouts, the Bitcoin charges are 6 EUR/USD + 0.5% per payout. For Litecoin, it is 0.5 EUR/USD + 0.5% per payout. These fees already include the network fee. 

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