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Wednesday, May 16th, 2018
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What We Like

Card Cutters offers a transparent pricing system and flexible customer plans designed for SMEs.

What We Didn't Like

Card Cutters’ sales team did not seem very knowledgeable. Also, customer service is slow to respond.

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Founded in 2009 by individuals with more than 30 years of business experience, Card Cutters is a card acceptance and payment solutions specialist, offering the latest payment technology and merchant services to small and midsized businesses.

Headquartered in Nottinghamshire, it services 3,000 businesses in the UK, Ireland, and United Arab Emirates. It partners with Allied Irish Bank (AIB), who is likely its processor, and Evo Payments International UK. Global Card Solutions, Card Cutters’ sister company, provides the point-of-sale hardware.

It offers card terminals, virtual terminals, ecommerce solutions, and business banking. Merchant cash advances of between £3,500 and £150,000 also are available based on businesses’ projected future credit card sales. Other features include a personalized payment page for online internet transactions, a free test account, real-time transaction monitoring and reporting, 3D security, and advanced solutions for integration with ERP systems, recurring payments, high-volume processing and risk scoring.


When it comes to marketing, Card Cutters uses traditional advertising strategies, as well as the digital space. It uses its Facebook and Twitter feeds to show products, services, and prices and to share news. We did not see any signs of misleading marketing or inconsistent rate quoting. Instead, we found its strategy and its website to be clear and straightforward. Its website offers clear, complete information, including a thorough and thoughtful resource section that is broken down by the different equipment offered and by specific problems. Additionally, there is a helpful frequently asked questions section.


Card Cutters is upfront about pricing and it clearly states that it partners with AIB and Evo Payments International UK. We find this is positive and something many other merchant service providers don’t disclose. Also, we found no reports of failure to close any fees or any other deceptive practices.


Card Cutters hires independent sales agents to gain customers. Despite this practice, we found only one complaint out of a couple hundred posted in the digital space about aggressive sales tactics. We found no reports of agents providing misleading rates or failing to disclose terms and conditions. This is very positive considering many providers who use this strategy to generate business also have many service problems. Often times, re-sellers can set their own prices leading to complaints about undisclosed fee and pricing structures.


Card Cutters is available by phone, email, or by submitting an inquiry form. It offers 24/7 customer support. Advanced manuals and support are available in English, German, French, and Dutch.

Staff Interaction

We have to say that its team seemed poorly trained and lacked a clear understanding of its products and services. At best, the people we spoke to were confused and offered vague explanations. Others provided incorrect information. If the individuals we spoke to continue this way, they will end up harming Card Cutters’ current good reputation.

Staff Responsiveness

Overall, we found Card Cutters responded to emails and inquiries promptly. However, they were form responses with no real substance. Calling was a nightmare. We were transferred multiple times during each call and were met with unenthusiastic staff with poor phone etiquette. Additionally, we had long waits to reach someone and we did get bounced around a few times before we reached the right person.

Though many customers give Card Cutters positive reviews for customer service, some have noted that they can be slow in responding to technical issues. However, most of these issues appear to be directed to machines and such, which would be handled by its sister company, Global Card Solutions.


When it comes to pricing, Card Cutters discloses all fees phone, online, virtual services. A virtual terminal costs £8.65 per month, and it includes 100 transactions. Each additional transaction costs £0.13. An online and virtual terminal costs £16.44 per month, and it includes 350 transactions. Each additional transactions costs £0.08.

Hardware Costs

It rents a Payatrader mobile card reader for £2.59 per week, which includes all SIM charges and support. The card reader also can be bought for £171 plus £1.30 for SIM charges and support. Typically, there is a £85 joining fee when you sign up for a mobile card reader account. If you use the code CC25, you get £21 off the joining fee.

Through Global Card Solutions, Card cutters offers short-term rentals of Ingenico and Spire chip and pin machines. Machine can be rented for between three days and one year.

Rates, excluding VAT, for the following rental periods:

  • One day for £19.90
  • One week for £99.48
  • One month for £129.76
  • Three months for £173
  • Six months for £259.52
  • One year for £389.28

In addition to the above rates, Global Card Solutions charges a delivery and return fee of £30 for each terminal.

Another option is Card Cutter’s small business startup package, in which businesses can rent a variety of countertop, Bluetooth, mobile, or Wi-Fi contactless Ingencio machines. The startup includes an 18-month contract with no automatic renewal and no joining or authorization fees. A static/desktop terminal starts at £8.63 per month, and a portable/Bluetooth and mobile/GPRS terminal starts at £21.60 per month.

Early Termination Fees

When you sign up for a merchant account with Card Cutters, you are agreeing to a 30-day rolling agreement. This means 30 days of notice is required to cancel the account without getting charge a penalty, according to its terms and conditions.

However, you will incur a penalty charge if end you end your rental terminal agreement early. The early termination fee will vary depending on the type of contract. All fees will be outlined within your contract terms and conditions.

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