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Tuesday, July 31st, 2018
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What We Like

Card Cutters offers affordable, transparent rates that are ideal for smaller businesses, those which process fewer than 350 transactions per month.

What We Didn't Like

Card Cutters clearly is not a good option for larger businesses due its low monthly transaction volume limits. Also, its sales team seemed confused, did not represent its offerings very well, and were overall unresponsive.

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Founded in 2009 by individuals backed by more than 30 years of business experience, Card Cutters is a card acceptance and payment solutions specialist headquartered in Nottinghamshire. It partners with Allied Irish Bank (AIB) and Evo Payments International UK to offer the latest payment technology and credit and debit card processing to small and midsized businesses in many different industries. Currently, it serves 3,000 merchants in the UK, Ireland, and, most recently, the United Arab Emirates.

Card Cutters offers card terminals, virtual terminals, ecommerce solutions, business banking, and merchant cash advances of between £3,500 and £150,000, which are based on businesses’ projected future credit card sales. Other features include a personalized payment page for online internet transactions, a free test account, real-time transaction monitoring and reporting, 3D security, and advanced solutions for integration with ERP systems, recurring payments, high-volume processing, and risk scoring.


Card Cutters uses clear, straightforward traditional advertising channels and social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, to promote products and services, spread messages about the company, and share news. Overall, we did not notice any deceptive marketing or inconsistent rate quoting. It does promote a “refer a friend” program, which we find gimmicky. However, the program seems pretty straightforward. If a friend signs up with Card Cutters, the referee receives the choice of three months of a free card machine rental for the price of a single card machine or a £100 gift voucher.


Card Cutters is fairly direct in its tone, message, and materials. It doesn’t promote any misleading price information, except for the starting at rate for the rental of the Payatrader mobile reader. Nevertheless, we found no reports of the business failing to disclose important terms or conditions, which is a definite plus in this industry.


Card Cutters uses independent sales agents, as well as it referral program, to expand its customer base. Despite this practice, which often leads to many customer service headaches, we found no complaints about deceptive sales tactics. This is definitely surprising.


Card Cutters can be reached by phone, email, or by submitting an inquiry form. Its office is open Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 6 pm. Its website offers clear, complete information, including a thorough resource section that is broken down by topics, including setting up an account and equipment how-to guides. Additionally, there is a helpful frequently asked questions section, and it offers advanced manuals and support that are available in English, German, French, and Dutch.


Card Cutters was slow to respond to emails and inquiries forms. On average, it responded to inquiry forms after 36 hours, and email messages were not answered after three business days. Calling was equally frustrating. We made seven calls before we were able to reach a person who was able to respond to at least some questions.

Staff Knowledge

Knowledge levels were disappointing. We have to say that its team seemed poorly trained and had little insight into its own products and services. When asked about specific equipment, such as card readers, they struggled with explanations and said it was best to refer to its website for further clarification.

Staff Interaction

The best thing we could say about the people we interacted with were they were confused and overwhelmed. A few times, we were passed on to other team members who seemed equally confused. Others provided incorrect information. If the individuals we spoke to continue this way, they will end up harming Card Cutters’ otherwise good customer service reputation.


Card Cutters works with Global Payments to offer safe professional online and phone payment gateway services. With these services, merchants get free customer support and 24/7 system monitoring, integration manuals, fraud screening tools, and direct transfers into bank accounts without intervention from Global Payments. Also, gateways connect with a wide range of shopping carts, including Shopify, Magento, and Woo Commerce.

Since our last review, Card Cutters has raised its prices slightly for phone, online, and virtual services. Currently, a virtual terminal costs £10.00 per month, and it includes 100 transactions. Each additional transaction costs £0.15. An online and virtual terminal costs £19.00 per month, and it includes 350 transactions. Each additional transactions costs £0.09.

Hardware Costs

Card Cutters leases Ingenico and Spire countertop, mobile, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and contactless machines through its sister company, Global Card Solutions. Pricing for these options are not disclosed on its site.

Also, Card Cutters works with Payatrader to provide a flexible mobile card reader that can be leased at a rate starting at £3.00 per week, excluding VAT. All SIM charges and support are included in the lease. The card reader also can be bought for £199 plus £1.50 per week for SIM charges and support. Typically, there is a £99 joining fee when you sign up, but if you use the code CC25, you get £25 off the joining fee. The card reader not only accepts secure chip and PIN payments, the application process takes just minutes.

Additionally, Card Cutters sells many other accessories, including tilt and swivel mounts, privacy shields, and car chargers, and ethernet cables.

Early Termination Fees

Contract vary, with minimum contracts starting at 18 months. Signing up for a contract means you are agreeing to a 30-day rolling agreement. This means 30 days of written notice is required to cancel the account without getting charged a penalty, according to its terms and conditions.

However, you will incur a penalty charge if you end your rental terminal agreement before the term ends. Early termination fees vary, depending on the numbers outlined in specific contracts. Also, equipment contracts automatically renew if you don’t cancel them. All fees will be outlined within your contract terms and conditions.

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