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Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020
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Bankful is a payment gateway and integration tool that offers advanced features such as 3D Secure, multi-currency conversion, cryptocurrency processing, and can be integrated with Shopify. The support staff is committed, supportive, and helpful.

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The only issue found was that when Bankful is selected as the main payment option within the Shopify platform and the customers pay, they are redirected to Bankful’s third-party processing page. There are customers who would prefer to stay in the Shopify checkout page instead of being redirected to Bankful’s processing page.

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Finding the right provider can be a tricky task. You'll need to find the payment partner that is most suited to your business, with the lowest rates, and best customer service. We are payment experts, and can help you find the right solution. We provide consultation for free, and will never charge you for advice.







Bankful is the official trade name of Emerchantbroker LLC, which is considered a leader in payment processing. The core principles that drive the organization is its commitment to having a strong foundation of “custom-built “ technologies that are dependable, protected, and that equip merchants to operate at the optimum level of effectiveness and efficiency.

Bankful is essentially, a payments company that zeroes in on local scalability.

An innovator in payment technologies, it focuses on online payments, multi-currency processing, and building solutions which are designed to give their customers the valuable tools they need to operate productively within their defined niche and industries.

The company’s primary goal is to provide exceptional service to a wide range of merchants. Their mission and their long-term goal is to continue to develop and innovate within the payment industry, originating new technologies that would facilitate the payment process for merchants.

To address the variety of merchant needs, the company oftentimes has created smaller, niched services, APIs, and applications. They have provided integrations, processing, or transferring data in order to solve a particular industry problem.

The offices are located in Rochester, Kent, UK, and are leaders in providers merchants with viable solutions for merchants based in both the UK and EU.

Bankful was developed for the purpose of offering merchants advanced features such as 3D Secure, multi-currency conversion, and intelligent transaction routing. It is a simple, seamless system that, with just a few clicks, merchants can integrate with their online shops and other popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

Bankful has been made accessible to Shopify merchants in both North America and globally. Offering a “true global payment solution”, it aims to offer support to a growing number of merchants living outside of the U.S. and Canada. During its second quarter, Bankful is set to release exciting new features, including Bitcoin acceptance, and more than 100 alternative payment methods.

Some of the features included with Bankful pay are fraud prevention, Level One PCI Compliant, technology-focused, accessible APIs and SDK, and custom financial technology solutions.

The focus of Bankful is to eliminate the complexity out of the entire payment process. It strongly believes in creating the best possible experience for merchants.

Not only does it provide 3D Secure, but it also offers an entire suite of fraud tools so that merchants can keep fraudsters at bay.

Bankful also prides itself in not being like “the other guys”. Meaning, while other providers have taken on a “hands-off approach” in terms of customer support, the support staff at Bankful make themselves readily available for customer needs. This is a refreshing change from the current industry practice of staff being largely: unresponsive, with blatantly poor customer service, and basically unreachable.

Another selling point about Bankful is that it is integrated with most payment providers, and therefore accepts most major payment types. As their list of payment providers continue to grow, if a customer requires a payment solution, chances are high that they can deliver on that.

Reporting is as much about data as it is about feedback. It also puts the finger on your businesses’ pulse to determine its financial health. Bankful’s reporting system is based on providing only what is needed and required. They equip their customers with the tools necessary to access and produce the reports that are most useful and valuable to customers.

If mobile payment solutions are required, Bankful’s engineers are equipped and ready to integrate with most mobile payment solutions. They also offer custom payment solutions. Whatever the need, they have a solution that can suit your Android or iPhone application.

Some of their “Seamless Integrations” include: Intuit QuickBooks, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix.com, PrestaShop, Magento, opencart, BigCommerce, 3dcart, and volusion.

Bankful’s venture into cryptocurrency processing is another feature that bears mentioning. As interest in digital currency continues to grow and gain popularity, Bankful is demonstrating a forward-thinking approach that will open new segments of the customer population for merchants.

It aims to educate merchants, who are not yet familiar with cryptocurrency, about the benefits of accepting it as an alternative form of payment. Some of the benefits they include on their website are: lowers cost, security, privacy, and more control over funds. In addition, Bankful outlines that chargebacks are a thing of the past since the transfer of funds from one digital wallet to another make the transaction recorded and thereby, nonreversible. Immediate access to funds is another powerful argument for choosing to adopt cryptocurrency as a viable payment option.

Plus, even though the customer makes their purchase using cryptocurrency, the actual funding being transferred back to the merchant’s bank account is in cash. It also allows instant and profitable transactions from around the globe without international fees or the need for currency conversions. A merchant simply needs to access payments using an internet-enabled computer or mobile device.

Bankful has enjoyed its share of recognition as it has been featured on popular sites such as Mashable, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and LinkedIn.


Bankful offers its services through its website at bankful.com. For CBD merchants, Bankful has recently announced its integration between Shopify and Square.


Bankful is straightforward and transparent with the pricing of its products and offerings. No complaints have been found about hidden fees or misleading tactics.


Bankful has sought out significant and popular technology partners to offer more merchants a seamless integration and payment processing experience. Their current partnerships include: IntuitQuickBooks, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wix.com, PrestaShop, Magento, opencart, BigCommerce, 3dcart, and volusion.


Bankful is available for contact by email. On their website, they also provide a contact form to create an account. They ask for your country, the industry, what you are looking for (i.e. merchant processing), and your website. When that information is entered, you are then taken to another page where it requests your name, email, password, and phone number.

The form makes it clear that it doesn’t matter if your business has reputational risk, new to accepting payments, or have no credit, Bankful ensures that they will find the perfect solution for you. The prospect of even being considered in spite of these shortcomings is welcome news for merchants.

The great thing about this process it is simple, efficient and fast. After completing a simple online application, merchants are then assured that a representative of the company will get back to them after one business day.

For those who cannot stand to wait in anticipation for an answer, Bankful offers the opportunity to view the real-time status of your application. They also make themselves available anytime if you have any questions.


As previously mentioned, Bankful does not shy away from providing straightforward pricing directly on their website. Bankful offers to different pricing models. They offer Payment Processing Rates and Gateway Only Pricing.

For the Payment Processing Rates, it is divided into three different regions: USA, Europe, and Asia. For the USA, their rates start as low as 1% + .25¢ per transaction. For Europe, the rates start as low as 1% + .25 eur per transaction. And in Asia, the rates start as low as 3% + .30¢ per transaction.

It is important to note that when it comes to “some” high-risk industries, they will have separate pricing schedules.

For Gateway Only Pricing, it is also divided by the three regions of the USA, Europe, and Asia. For the USA, it is $20 per month + .10¢ per transaction. For Europe, it is 20 eur per month + .10¢ per transaction. And in Asia, it is $20 per month +.10¢ per transaction.

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