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Friday, March 9th, 2018
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What We Like

CashFlows uses Twitter to give support updates. Its employees were knowledgeable, patient, and responsive.

What We Didn't Like

CashFlows charges a number of fees, including a merchant services fee. It does not disclose any pricing information. It also relies heavily on partnerships with independent sales agents who can set their own pricing, to gain customers.

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CashFlows Europe Limited (CashFlows), which is based in Capital Park, Cambridge, and has offices in London and New York City, provides merchant payment solutions to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom and Europe. It took on the name CashFlows Europe Limited in 2014 after Voice Commerce Group reorganized. CashFlows Europe Limited is the main operating entity of the group. It is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 for the issuing of electronic money and the provision of payment services.

It offers business accounts, merchant accounts, and a payment gateway. The payment gateway enables users’ businesses to accept a range of payment cards and currencies on its site. Additionally, it offers VoicePay m-commerce service and prepaid card services. CashFlows’ payment solutions enable businesses to accept multi-channel payments from all major credit card brands.

CashFlows is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority as an electronic money institution, and is a principal member of Visa, MasterCard and other international credit card brands.

CashFlows continues to enhance its product portfolio, acquiring Cambridge-based iCheque Network Ltd, who provide an online virtual payment solution via the Payr brand in 2015.

Additionally, one of CashFlows major investors is Pollen Street Capital, which primarily invests in high-quality businesses in the financial services sector. The private equity fund manager has invested more than £1.2 billion in a range of businesses across all stages of development.


CashFlows uses a partner-led, go-to-market approach, which means most of its clients are brought in through independent service agents (ISOs) and MSPs. There are no “rates starting at” information on the site but CashFlows does offer price matching for existing merchant accounts working with another company. If this is done the right way, we believe this is positive. However, without more information, it sounds like a gimmick.

Though the site is easy to navigate and find information, there is still substance to what is provided. CashFlows also actively markets its relationship with the prepaid wallet, Payr, as a good choice for gaming and gambling merchants. Overall, we saw nothing misleading or deceptive. CashFlows is active on a variety of social media platforms, however, most of its Twitter feed and Facebook page includes information about in-house events or corporate information. Other than its support handle, which is separate from its business profile, none of the content offered on these pages offer much value to the customers.


Though CashFlows offers no pricing information, however in some ways it is more honest than some of the rate quoting other merchant service providers promote. We like that CashFlows lists that it is always looking for partners pretty prominently on its site. However, it was disappointing that none of its partners were shared on the site.


CashFlows works with numerous resellers and partners throughout the UK. Under its partnership program, resellers can set their own pricing, support onboarding process, and manage customers service. With this partnership, CashFlows handles fund settlements through its FCA license and membership of all major credit card brands. ISOs and MSPs are permitted to sign merchants of any size and any sector up for CashFlows’ merchant accounts.

There have been no reports of resellers using deceptive tactics to gain customers, which is a common customer service problem when businesses allow partners to set their own prices. Many times, clients complaint that resellers have failed disclose all fee and pricing structures.


We found sales representatives to be polite, eager, and confident. Every person we talked to offered very similar explanations and descriptions of products and services. This was a real bright spot considering most interactions are not that positive. The staff’s knowledgeability made us feel comfortable moving forward and accepting what they promised. They spoke with conviction and seemed to have extensive experience within the industry. Overall, we found the staff personable, knowledgeable, supportive and attentive. Since CashFlows promises a tailored solution for each specific business, it was very difficult to get precise information about the additional fees mentioned in terms and conditions, as well as pricing, without moving forward with an application.

Staff Responsiveness

We found the staff at CashFlows to be very responsive. Within two hours of using its inquiry form, we received an automated email. A few hours later, we received a response from a representative asking us to call. We responded with additional questions via email and that was met with another prompt to give them a call. We have to say we gained the most insight when we called. We never were bounced around to numerous agents or disconnected. The staff spoke clearly and gave great explanations of services and products.


CashFlows is available via phone, email, and its online inquiry form. There is no 24-hour customer support or chat option. It does offer a fairly thorough support knowledgebase, which is helpful if you have problems using specific products, have questions about your payment gateway, or need help logging into your account. Additionally, its Twitter handle, @CashFlowSupport, offers updates on maintenance and also notifies customers of service issues. We found this a great way to find out about delays or system problems.


CashFlows provides no pricing details, other than card scheme fees, on its website. Potential clients who want an estimate will need to call directly. Also, though no actual amounts are listed, CashFlows charges a gateway services fee and a high-risk warning fee for fraudulent transactions, according to its terms and conditions.

Generally, there are no minimum or maximum transaction amounts applied to any merchants accounts. However, it is clear on the site that there are exceptions. For example, when a merchant only process one standard amount, such as £10, CashFlows has the right to set the minimum or maximum amount at £10 with room for fees above this amount.

Additionally, it levies a merchant service charge, which excludes interchange fees, scheme fees, and any other fees charged to CashFlows by the card issuer or card scheme.

The scheme fees, which are the fees related to processing that are charged by the credit card companies, such as Visa, often are lower than interchange fees and are made up of a percentage of the value of a transaction or a pence per clearing. The acquirer is charged the fee for using the credit card’s network to process a transaction, this fee is then passed on to merchants.

Visa scheme fees:

  • Domestic/Regional Debit Ecommerce .02% + € 0.015
  • Domestic/Regional Debit Ecommerce Recurring .045% + € 0.015
  • Domestic/Regional Debit MOTO .02% + € 0.015
  • Domestic/Regional Credit Ecommerce. 024% + € 0.015
  • Domestic/Regional Credit Ecommerce Recurring .049% + € 0.015
  • Domestic/Regional Credit MOTO .024% + € 0.015
  • International Debit Ecommerce .56% + € 0.075
  • International Debit Ecommerce Recurring .585% + € 0.075
  • International Debit MOTO .56% + € 0.075
  • International Credit Ecommerce .564% + € 0.075
  • International Credit Ecommerce Recurring .589% + € 0.075
  • International Credit MOTO .564% + € 0.075

Visa scheme fees as of April, 5, 2018:

  • Domestic Debit Ecommerce .02% + € 0.0082
  • Domestic Debit Ecommerce Recurring .045% + € 0.0082
  • Domestic Debit MOTO .02% + € 0.0082
  • Domestic Credit Ecommerce. 024% + € 0.0082
  • Domestic Credit Ecommerce Recurring .049% + € 0.0082
  • Domestic Credit MOTO .024% + € 0.0082
  • Regional Debit Ecommerce .02% + € 0.0168
  • Regional Debit Ecommerce Recurring .045% + € 0.0168
  • Regional Debit MOTO .02% + € 0.0168
  • Regional Credit Ecommerce .024% + € 0.0168
  • Regional Credit Ecommerce Recurring .049% + € 0.0168
  • Regional Credit MOTO .024% + € 0.0168
  • International Debit Ecommerce .71% + € 0.1075
  • International Debit Ecommerce Recurring .735% + € 0.1075
  • International Debit MOTO .71% + € 0.1075
  • International Credit Ecommerce .714% + € 0.1075
  • International Credit Ecommerce Recurring .739% + € 0.1075
  • International Credit MOTO .714% + € 0.1075

MasterCard Scheme Fees:

  • Domestic 0.030757% + € 0.035
  • Regional 0.075757% + € 0.035
  • International 0.480757% + € 0.145

AMEX Scheme Fees:

  • GBP 2.80%
  • USD 3.55%
  • EUR 3.50%
  • AUS 2.95%
  • HKD 3.45%
  • JPY 4.00%
  • NZD 3.10%
  • SGD 3.40%
  • Other 4.00%

Termination Fees

According to its terms and conditions, CashFlows does not appear to charge an early termination fee. Customers do have to submit a one month’s written notice of termination to CashFlows to end the contract.

Hardware Costs

A PCI-compliant virtual terminal is included when a merchant signs up for a merchant account and payment gateway. CashFlows does not offer hardware, such as card readers.

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