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Tuesday, February 26th, 2019
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What We Like

2Checkout offers straightforward, pay-as-you-use pricing, and, therefore, does not charge an early termination fee.

What We Didn't Like

2Checkout is not a good choice for high-risk businesses, it has a good number of complaints from merchants, and its fees are slightly higher than other processors.

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Finding the right provider can be a tricky task. You'll need to find the payment partner that is most suited to your business, with the lowest rates, and best customer service. We are payment experts, and can help you find the right solution. We provide consultation for free, and will never charge you for advice.







Established in 1999 and based in Atlanta, GA, 2Checkout is an electronic payment service that allows merchants to accept online and mobile payments from customers worldwide. It serves more than 20,000 small and mid-sized businesses worldwide. In April 2017, Avangate acquired 2Checkout to expand payment flexibility and broaden market reach, and the joint company was reintroduced under one name as 2Checkout. Today, it powers modern digital commerce for global businesses across many industries.

In addition to being fully PCI compliant, it accepts multiple payment methods, including debit and credit cards and PayPal. It processes 87 different currencies in 15 languages, allowing merchants to sell internationally in more than 200 countries. It is easy to use, and integrates with more than 100 shopping cards, including Shopify and Magento.


2Checkout markets its services as a way for merchants to maximize sales conversion. It claims it does this because the payment service automatically localizes the checkout experience for each buyer, optimizing language, currency and payment methods. Its markets its products and services in a straightforward and transparent manner in the digital space and its social media platforms. It is especially active on Twitter. It does not promote any misleading rates or terms.


2Checkout appears to be very honest, open to feedback, and responsive to complaints. It does not use any deceptive rate quoting strategies, and it is upfront about pricing and its policies. Also, we found no complaints about hidden fees or deceptive practices.


A real bright spot is that 2Checkout does not use independent sales agents and organizations to build its customer base. The use of these agents can result in confusion and complaints about hidden prices and terms. Additionally, we found no complaints about its sales practices.


2Checkout provides multiple ways for you reach its team. It can be reached by phone and email, and it also offers a FAQ page, a knowledge base and policies page. Also, it is responsive on social media and on the complaint sites, such as the BBB.


Though 2Checkout provides many ways to connect, it knowledge base and FAQ page are the best ways to get information. Though we received an email within two days of us sending it, we thought that was a bit too long. It also took several tries to reach someone on the phone. When we did, it was a pleasant experience.

Staff Education

We found the representatives – once we were able to connect with them – very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and seemed to genuinely want to assist us. We were given the same information that we found on its website, which we did not find to be a problem.

Staff Interaction

Sales agents are eager to respond and answer questions, and they were very open with details. To be completely honest, the information offered on its site is so clear and informative that you really do not need to interact with the staff unless you have a specific need or question. The people we spoke to were never pushy, and they were professional and pleasant throughout our interactions.


2Checkout’s pricing is straightforward and transparent.

There are no setup or monthly fees and no extra charges for fraud protection or recurring payments. It offers these three plans at these prices:

  • 2SELL, dubbed the simple way to sell globally, costs 3.5% plus $0.35 per transaction 
  • 2SUBSCRIBE, called the most popular option and the way to boost subscription sales, costs 4.5% plus $0.45 per transaction
  • 2MONETIZE, dubbed the solution to sell digital goods globally, costs 6% plus $0.60 per transaction.

Its transaction fees are the same worldwide. In specific countries, an additional 2% fee is applied to payments made from shoppers outside the country where a business is located. It is important to note that its prices are for standard payment methods, like credit cards and PayPal. For advanced localized payment methods, like Boleto Bancario or Kombini, there are separate price points, depending on the payment method. To get more information on these prices, you will need to request a quote directly. Finally, merchants are charged $20 per chargeback.

It is important to note that 2Checkout also offers what it calls “enterprise” pricing. Businesses that have high transaction volumes or want to size up, should call for a customized quote.

2Checkout also offers many other services that can be helpful to smaller or startup businesses. There are extra charges for these services, such as assistance with increasing conversion rates and increasing channel distribution and automation. Also, there are extra costs, if you want to accept electronic checks and other forms of payments.

Early Termination Fees

Like many other payment service providers, 2Checkout does not require a contract. This is because it does not require you to have a merchant account. 2Checkout allows you to pay when you use it, so there are never any early termination fees.

Hardware Costs

As a business that deals exclusively in the processing of online and mobile payments, it does not offer any hardware, like card readers.

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