CutPay Merchant Services

Monday, February 17th, 2020

CutPay Merchant Services leaves a lot left to be desired. In addition to not providing upfront information about its pricing, fees, contracts, or terms for its mobile and contactless services, we don’t its overly salesy approach. There are way too many gimmicks peppered on its site and not enough substance.

Promises to offer the cheapest rates and free items sound great but they never explain that this does not apply to everyone. Note that even the virtual and ecommerce package rates are starting at about $21. What it doesn’t say is that for a number of different reasons most merchants won’t qualify for the starting rate due to the nature of their businesses or their credit histories. How much the rates go from there and exactly why is anyone’s guess. Whenever a merchant account provider keeps some of the most valuable information hidden, we get suspicious.

Additionally, CutPay use its site to hone in on some retails and work to improve the customer experiences. A simpler site, a live chat option, and greater engagement on its social media platforms would be big plusses. On a final note, we like that CutPay Merchant Services says that it plans to expand its sales and support staff in the coming months. We believe this will also improve the customer experience.

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