Payzone Merchant Services Review

Saturday, May 30th, 2020

Supporting and enabling U.K. small businesses to accept card payments since 1995, Payzone Merchant Services is a leader in assisting smaller ventures. Some of Payzone’s core offerings include countertop terminals, portable payment machines, and mobile card readers. 

If you need to process online payments, it features a secure and customisable payment gateway that integrates easily with 52 popular shopping carts used in the U.K. 

You can also use eInvoicing which helps to send email invoices to customers. You also can choose to use Pay by link, which can send an email link to customers which will then lead them to an automatic payment page.

What We Liked

  • Comprehensive payment solutions for a wide range of businesses
  • Customize your solutions
  • Shorter-termed contracts (12 months)

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pricing policy is vague
  • Customer service reputation is poor
  • The “no early termination fee” policy is deceptive


Payzone Merchant Services is a leader in providing payment services for small enterprises in the U.K. It processes more than £1.2 billion in transactions each year. Some of the payment services currently offered by Payzone include virtual terminals, card machines, online payments, and merchant accounts.

When it comes to merchant accounts, Payzone is ready to assist with establishing your relationship with its “partner acquiring banks”.  The reason for going down this route is that it’s more affordable to process a higher volume of payments as the rates tend to be lower. Also, you are more likely to land a merchant account if you apply through Payzone. As a Payzone customer, you also have the perk of applying for a merchant cash advance ranging from £5,000 to £5,000 to inject much needed capital for your business to grow.


Payzone clearly displays its wide range of features and services prominently on their website. 


Overall, Payzone’s sales team is not as pushy as other competitors. However, the termination fees could be further elaborated and clarified. Complaints from customers also say that the sales reps don’t carry out the promises they initially made. Payzone needs to work closely with its reps to make sure this disconnect does not continue. Luckily, there are no complaints of hidden fees. 


There are customer reviews that positively praise certain members of the customer support team. However, the support system and customer within Payzone isn’t quite “responsive enough”. 

Complaints abound concerning the amount of time it takes to get a response from the support team. This points to the fact that Payzone does not have an adequate number of staff or it desperately needs a high quality software solution to meet the needs of customers. Payzone needs to facilitate giving customers the assistance they need. 


When it comes to Payzone’s fees, things can get a little murky. Unfortunately, the company does not have any “fixed fees”. The fees that you are likely to pay for every transaction depends largely on the kind of payment you are processing. It also depends how long you have been “trading”, your turnover annually, the type of industry you are in, and so on.

The plus is that Payzone provides merchant accounts “on behalf of acquiring banks”. By doing so, you are likely to get more affordable rates and increased chances of being approved by banks. The main drawback is that the rates provided by the acquiring banks varies greatly. Payzone will also not be able to inform you which will approve or reject you. 

Payzone also offers a straightforward 12-month contract. However, you do need to notify them 2 months in advance in order to cancel the contract or risk being automatically renewed for an additional 12 months. Also, the wording related to their cancellation policy is misleading. Although there is no cancellation fee, you will be required to pay the remainder of your contract. None of this is made clear on their website.

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