PayPal’s COO Bill Ready Leaving the Payments Giant

Thursday, July 18th, 2019

Bill Ready, PayPal Inc.’s (PYPL) Chief Operating Officer, won’t be working at the company in 2020. PayPal has reported Ready’s current entrepreneurial interests are outside the company. Let’s move forward to discover more about the topic, and not only.

Bill Ready as a Key Player in PayPal’s Rise
PayPal’s COO Bill Ready was one of the senior members of the executive team. He was bearing responsibility for increasing revenue and profits for PayPal. Previously, he was the head of global product and engineering department at PayPal, leading the PayPal, Braintree, Venmo and Paydiant teams working on improving the experience for end-to-end customers.

Ready came to PayPal in 2013, when the then-eBay-owned company purchased Braintree, a startup run by Ready. Later, in 2016, he became PayPal’s COO. Now, this announcement is made after the news associated with Libra, FB’s digital money, where PayPal is one of the founding members.

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PayPal’s Bill Ready Leaving the Company
The announcement is a bit surprising in payments since many expected him to be PayPal’s next CEO and Dan Schulman’s natural successor. Ready notes that it’s been a privilege for him to work with many amazing talents and he’s proud of what they’ve achieved together so far.

Ready’s golden handshake package includes a cash payment of $1.500.000, accelerated vesting shares, plus a lump-sum payment of $24.000.

Interestingly, in an interview to PYMNTS, Ready says that when he thinks of how payments will further evolve, specifically mobile payments, it’s like the old adage about college-campus planners deciding on the places the sidewalks should be put.

To sum up, PayPal Inc. has announced that PayPal’s COO Bill Ready is transitioning at the end of 2019. He’s interested in other entrepreneurial activities outside PayPal.

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