Payments Companies & a Strong Start on Wall Street

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Chicago-based Barrington Research Associates Inc. has reported that payments companies trading publicly have rewarded their investors once again. In fact, Wall Street biggest companies are going through a fintech revolution. Are you looking for reliable payments companies in the UK that can help you with low cost and secure merchant services? This article will help you get the best.

Strong Start on Wall Street

The payments market is flourishing. The Nasdaq Composite Index increased 16.5% in Q1, and the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index grew 13.1%. As for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, it went up 11.2%, as Barrington Research has reported.

Share prices of smaller payments companies are usually more volatile as compared to those of the major ones. Let’s take First Data, a leading processor. Its stock went up 55.4% in Q1 and was the 3rd highest among the 29. After Fiserv Inc. discovered its $22 billion buyout offer for First Data on January 16, there came a significant increase.

What’s more, the shares of Worldpay Inc. grew 48.5% and took the 5th place. The company’s stock had been seeing steady growth during the quarter.

Las Vegas-based Everi Holdings Inc., the leader of Q1, witnessed its shares jump 104.3%. The company is a payments specialist, as well as ATM and gaming services provider for the casino market. San Antonio-based Payment Data Systems Inc. took the 2nd place. This is a small merchant processor and prepaid card services provider that reported a 57.8% rise in shares.

Littleton, Colo. – based payment card manufacturer CPI Card Group Inc., took the 4th place. CPI’s shares jumped 49.3% in Q1.

According to Gary Prestopino, Barrington Research managing director, the stock wasn’t a success in Q4. Things got improved and sales started to grow thanks to the new management team.

Payments Companies to Go For

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