Need a New Kind of Merchant Acquirer? Try Secure Trading

Saturday, December 22nd, 2018

You might be looking for a new kind of merchant acquirer in the UK, mightn’t you? What about Secure Trading Financial Services? This article will tell you about a perfect solution for online merchants interested in delivering flexible and international shopping experience.

Secure Trading Financial Services (STFS)

Secure Trading Financial Services boasts more than 20 years of experience in the payments space. This company provides services for some of the world’s most well-established companies. Also, Secure Trading powers those who’re just starting.

The company offers intelligent eCommerce solutions that can help you drive growth and enjoy dynamic, simple and convenient transaction processes. Secure Trading Financial Services is a licensed principal member of Visa and MasterCard. Thus, the company is fully regulated across Europe and offers credit/debit card processing internationally.

STFS works with online businesses with different business models. So, the company caters both businesses that use subscriptions or recurring payments to charge their customers, and mail/ telephone order businesses that can take card details with through a smart virtual terminal, and more.

A unique PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) portal handles the service offering of STFS. As a result, merchants process their PCI DSS self-assessment online with ease and without delay.

By cooperating with quality online payment gateways and payment providers, STFS aims to provide more advanced and reliable services. The online payment experts at secure Trading Financial Services work with clients to get a better image of what they need. Only after then, STFS offers you, as a client, a payment gateway that’s the best match for your financial wants and needs.

Importantly, Secure Trading’s payment processing solutions boast a high level of flexibility and aren’t only meant for the local market: you can use them internationally.

Strikingly, Secure Trading offers a standard of service, which you can’t find on the market today. Mike Norton, Managing Director at Secure Trading, says that they can get merchants up and running in a fraction of the time of their competitors.

Secure Trading Review

You’ve just read about the offerings of Secure Trading Financial Services. However, before making the right choice, it’s important to turn to a payment services comparison company like Best Payment Providers in the UK. Best Payment Providers is a reputable payment expert that’s dedicated to offering only the best deal to merchants interested in payment companies like Secure Trading, and more.

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As you see, it’s not difficult to find a true professional in the field if you work with a respectable payment comparison company like Best Payment Providers.

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