NatWest Debit Cards Rejected as Customers Hindered from Making Payments Due to “Issues”

Friday, October 26th, 2018

On Aug. 2, purchases were interrupted at NATWEST as customers not able to make use of their debit cards following an “issue” at the bank. UK customers trying to make payments using their plastic cards remained in the lurch when both online and in-store transactions were rejected.

NatWest serves over 7.5 million Britons. It confirmed that there were hitches after annoyed account owners took their plea to social media platforms.

Soon after, the bank later resolved the fault, and card payments resumed as usual. However, the two-hour flaw still left Britons unable to make purchases and pay bills.

Commenting on Twitter, Charlotte Hancocks a NatWest client wrote: “My bank card has been blocked abroad and I need money ASAP! Can’t get through on the phone!”

Another use from Spain commented: “In Spain…trying to sort out a small restaurant bill. Card rejected. Card also rejected in the cash machine. On the phone… waiting for 35 minutes. How do I leave the restaurant now? Me and my two young kids.”

NatWest, a member of the RBS, expressed regret to clients who were not able to successfully use your debit cards.

The UK-based bank’s official Twitter handle said: “We are aware of issues with card payments and are working tirelessly to correct them ASAP. My utmost apologies for any inconvenience caused. Thanks for your patience.”

Noticing the rage by consumers, RBS wrote in a statement: “Debit card payments have been corrected and are now being processed as usual. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

NatWest said the matter had not hitched cash or credit cards from ATMs.

The outage at NatWest came only 2 hours after Visa payments’ fault that interrupted payments all over Europe when the network raised red flags of a “service disruption.”

UK Stores, big and small, had to avoid card payments and take cash only. Over 95% of United Kingdom’s debit cards utilize Visa’s network to run operations, with £1 out of every £3 spent in Britain made with a Visa card.

Bottom line

Britons are advised to carry around an alternative means of payment, like cash, debit card or credit card given by another bank, in the event their card of preference is turned down. Merchants must also compare merchant services to see find the most reliable provider. It is also important to have back up because most modern forms of payment occasionally suffer hours of outage.

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