Mastercard -Worldpay for Digital Payments: Worldpay Reviews

Monday, September 17th, 2018

Worldpay, Inc. and MasterCard have recently announced their intention to enter a global strategic partnership to expand acceptance options and offer more convenient and secure digital payments. Are you a merchant interested in Worldpay reviews? Do you want to know where to find them? Just go on reading this article and you’ll learn what you need.

MasterCard + Worldpay: Need Worldpay Reviews?

MasterCard Incorporated MA and Worldpay, Inc., a leading payments technology company in the UK, are collaborating to expand the options for digital payment acceptance and provide a higher level of security and convenience for customers. By the way, MasterCard isn’t the only partner: Worldpay is partnering with two other players in the field as well to develop a single and common checkout button.

Such partnership will help UK consumers and retailers enjoy new payment acceptance options. For this, Worldpay is going to leverage account-to-account payments technology with MasterCard’s “Pay by Bank’ app,” as Kevin McCarten, Worldpay’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer says. McCarten also notes that all these efforts will offer benefits to all payments stakeholders.

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More on Worldpay-MasterCard Partnership

Thanks to Worldpay-Mastercard partnership, merchants in the UK can enjoy the “Pay by Bank” app, which is a new way to make payments. “Pay by Bank” is created by MasterCard’s Vocalink business. It allows UK customers to make online payments for goods/services using their banking app, directly from their bank account.

Besides, by supporting EMVCo’s Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) framework, Worldpay gets an opportunity to deliver simple and consistent online payment experience rather than multiple confusing options.

By leveraging MasterCard Digital Enablement Service, which uses an alternative card number, or “token” instead of your card’s primary 16-digit account number, Worldpay guarantees better security for online, in-app, as well as digital payments.

Such cooperation enables Worldpay to offer MasterCcard MoneySend. As a result, the functionality for push-to-card disbursement solutions, including FastAccess Funding for merchants, becomes more enhanced.

According to the President of MasterCard in the UK, Nordics, and Baltics, they’re improving each other’s ability to offer fast and convenient payments. In all this, “Pay by Bank” app is going to play the major role in UK digital commerce. Why? This is the preferred choice for more banks and merchants when it comes to offering a payment option to millions of their customers.

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