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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

So, you’ve decided to sell online. What payment processor should you apply to? Who can help you find the best merchant services in your field? This article will tell you about NetPay Costco and help you get the best review on the company.

NetPay Costco

It was September 2013 when NetPay and Costco partnered, which meant offering Costco members a range of merchant services for NetPay. These services include both online and offline payment transactions, payment terminal, acquiring, as well as gateway services associated with credit, debit, and charge cards. Also, this referred to methods of alternative payment processing. As for Costco, the latter was to receive a commission.

Costco had been in partnership with one of NetPay’s competitors before their partnership. However, the company had been unhappy with the support and dedication they’d got from this supplier. After joining, NetPay and Costco became able to offer lower costs associated with charging Costco members card payments.

So, as a multi-channel payment-service provider, the company delivers a variety of payment processing services. Its UK-based team supports merchants 24x7x365. This leader in the payments market is committed to offering top value, exceptional support, and unique customer service to merchants.

The company is a reputable provider of face-to-face and online payment services. With this payments specialist, you can enjoy innovative payment solutions that boast unique and exclusive technology. The platforms offered by the company deliver automated boarding capability and transaction reporting and insight. Thanks to all these features, merchants get an opportunity to make wise financial decisions.

The Best Merchant Services Review in the UK

As you may know, the online payments field is extremely crowded in the UK. Thus, it’s critical to work with a true payment expert that can help you enjoy the flexibility and convenience for cashless payments you need.

Thankfully, Best Payment Providers, a reputable merchant services comparison company, is focused on helping you sidestep the challenges associated with accepting payments via your website. Specifically, Best Payment Providers can help you:

  • Find the most suitable processor that meets your specific financial needs
  • With the best review of contracts, rates, as well as fees
  • Enjoy the best deal
  • Avoid extra costs stemming from  confusing terminology, hidden fees, and dishonest sales tactics
  • Enjoy the most honest snapshot of processors at the time of writing
  • Never go with a processor the integration process of which isn’t checked so to ensure a smooth transition and onboarding process for you
  • Get the most affordable rates, and unmatched customer service
  • With free consultation and advice

Now, let’s pay attention to what Best Payment Providers says about the payments company under discussion. Well, the good thing is that the company has a knowledgeable staff. However, the negative thing is that the company uses resellers and independent sales agents for gaining business, and has hidden pricing on its site. Moreover, you can come across some customers complaining about long fund holds and a staff that’s not responding to merchants properly.

In our increasingly digital world, you’re going to face societies that’ll only be accepting card payments. So, work with a true payment expert to be able to offer only the best payment-processing solutions in Britain’s increasingly cashless society.

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