iPaytotal Rolls Out a Comprehensive Payment & Banking Service for High-risks

Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Late last month, iPayTotal announced, in a press release, the rollout of a Tier 3 Package for all their customers and prospects worldwide.

The new offering is open to all iPayTotal customers. It will offer services including but not limited to Company Registration, Registered/Virtual Office Address, Global IBAN/SWIFT Accounts, and Merchant account solutions.

The three-year-old firm started by a trio now has offices worldwide in the US, UK Canada, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, Hong Kong, and India. It partners and collaborates with world-known banks and fintech to offer services like Payment Acquiring, IBAN Accounts, Prepaid Cards, and so on.

According to the press release, the new product seeks to create a unified and straightforward business setup process for small merchants by merging all the vital tools and services.

“We understand the pain and hassle behind setting up a new company, Confusing documentation, tedious process, delayed timelines, and the whole banking chaos in the process of setting up a bank and merchant account.”

The 3 Pillars of iPayTotal’s Tier 3 

So how does iPayTotal’s Tier 3 meet startups at their point of need?

  • Offshore company setup:

Thanks to iPayTotal’s worldwide reach, it is now easier than ever to start a business overseas. The firm promises to handle the registration process as well as legal and compliance matters abroad.

  • Business banking:

iPayTotal’s package will help companies seeking to go global open international business bank accounts— often difficult to access due to stringent AML and KYC policies.

Many times companies are not allowed to own more than one account. But iPay promises to get you a quick international IBAN/SWIFT account with favorable conditions and clear documentation through its extensive network.

  • Merchant account

Lastly, iPayTotal plans to help both high and low-risk retailers open merchant accounts. These accounts are as equally important as bank account and can difficult to get, especially if you are at high risk.

iPayTotal’s package includes both low and high-risk merchant account offers for businesses worldwide thanks to its perfect relationship with Acquiring companies.

The Main Pros of the Tier 3 Package

    • Better payments acceptance and shorter settlement times and reconciliation as transactions are initiated under iPayTotal
    • Lesser AML & KYC dangers tied to end-to-end transparency and clear separation of funds
    • Same-day settlement for all SEPA transactions
    • Local clearing capability as well as overseas payments through via SWIFT network

Businesses can have a functional iPayTotal merchant account in a matter of days.

Final Words 

All businesses can benefit from iPayTotal’s package, which includes both low and high-risk merchant account offers for businesses worldwide thanks to its perfect relationship with Acquiring companies.

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