How Axcess Merchant Services Works

Friday, April 12th, 2019

Since 2007, Axcess Merchant Services has been assisting merchants with credit card processing and payment services. The company gives retailers access to 391 banking partners. Axcess Merchant Services helps merchants with a variety of services including ecommerce payment solutions, payment gateways and recurring billing services, among other payment products.

They also provide high-risk merchant account services for risky industries like gambling, online gaming and dating. Axcess is also a fraud and risk consultant who works with multiple currencies. The firm aims to offer a tailored approach to every business that goes seeking their services.

Axcess can help you process a range of payments for:

  • Main credit and debit cards
  • More than 175 currencies
  • Over 50 alternative payment methods

How much do Axcess Merchant Services Cost?

As stated earlier, Axcess Merchant Services does not display any pricing info on their official website. Therefore, retailers must contact the company to get a custom-made quote.  Rates vary based on your company’s needs and many other factors.

Features of Axcess Merchant Services

  • Online business Payment Solutions
  • Fraud Protection and Security Management
  • Multi-location merchant services
  • Recurring Billing Services
  • Mobile Billing Solutions
  • Payment Gateway Services
  • MOTO & VT Services
  • Merchant Services
  • Merchant Account Analysis
  • Multi-Currency Processing Solutions

Advantages & Disadvantages of Axcess Merchant Services

Like any vendor, Axcess merchant services has its strengths and weaknesses. Earlier, there were no independent user reviews online to give retailers a definitive review. But customers can now file complaints through online forums.  Here are some of the pros and cons of Axcess merchant services.


  • Access to more than 300 banks, so a merchant can easily find a perfect match
  • Multiple currencies offered
  • A range of payment and merchant services


  • No price quotes (or even ranges) listed on their website
  • The firm is difficult to contact

Hardware Costs

The payment firm offers chip and PIN terminuses. But it doesn’t display any price information concerning rental terms, or penalty fees for premature termination. That means a merchant must discuss these matter with the payment service provider for a direct quote.

While Axcess rents out some payment hardware, it focuses more on its payment gateway for online and mobile transactions.

Wrapping Up

Axcess Merchant Services is reachable through email, phone, and contact inquiry form. Because the payment firm does not reveal its rates online, it is wiser to have a thorough discussion with the sales rep before you give out any company info or accept a deal.

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