GoCardless’ – Open Banking Service

Thursday, July 29th, 2021

The London-based online direct-debit providing company GoCardless has started offering open- banking services. Today, open banking is on the rise, and the number of fintech companies interested in the market is growing rapidly. Contactless payments are gaining more traction, and you should find a reputable payment specialist that can help you with the right services. 

GoCardless: Contactless Payments 

The London-based fintech company GoCardless has introduced its new Instant Bank Pay service. The new open-banking feature that GoCardless has directly integrated into its global payment platform. Thanks to this new feature, your customers can make instant, one-off bank-to-bank transfers, and you can simultaneously benefit from bank-debit services for recurring payments.

Hiroki Takeuchi, GoCardless’ co-founder and CEO, notes that they’ve specialised in bank-to-bank payments for more than a decade, and bank debit has been their key payment method offered. The latter comes with several benefits for consumers and businesses, however, the payment authorisation hasn’t been fast. 

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Open Banking Services From GoCardless

GoCardless offers a global payments network that you, as a merchant, can use to accept payments from your customers from any corner of the world. There’s nothing difficult about the offered technology platform, which processes US$20bn of payments in over 30 countries yearly.

Now, the company offers its new Instant Bank Pay service that comes with several key benefits. E.g., this is a cheap method for payment collection from your customers, which is seamless and convenient to use. You can collect payments from a single platform. With this new service, GoCardless has the chances to become a leader in the one-off payments space.

So, the London-based fintech specialist GoCardless that specialises in the bank-to-bank payments space, is now offering an open-banking feature. The latter comes integrated right into the company’s global payment platform. You can use it for any payment model.

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