Glance’s Real-Time Bill Option a Success, Transactions Go Up

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019

The beginning of June, Glance Technologies Inc. announced that its Real-Time Bill feature has been a success thus far. The feature has led to an increase in transactions made with the company’s Glance Pay app in some restaurants, as much as 300% in the 30 days following a Real-Time Bill launch. (That is in comparison to the 30-day period prior to the launch.)

The new app was released for testing late last year. It enables users to view and pay their dining bills directly from the Glance Pay app without waiting for a paper bill. The technology behind the app quickly identifies the user’s bill based on Quick Response codes or near-field communication tags at the table.

Aiding customer convenience is not the only perk of this new app. Real-Time Bill also has the potential to cut labor costs for restaurants. “As we transitioned from Glance’s PayByPhoto technology to Real-Time Bill, we have seen an even bigger increase in guest adoption, guest satisfaction, and time savings for our servers,” said Carl McCreath, president of Vancouver-based Steamworks Group of Cos., in a statement.

The benefits of customized apps don’t end there. These new options are making bills simpler for customers and restaurants in other ways as well:

Branded Payment Apps

Thanks to branded restaurant payment apps, restaurants are able to speed up the payment process for guests. Payment technologies are making it more convenient than ever to split the bill and add a tip for large parties. Some restaurants make it possible for customers to download the app, check into their specific dining location and share their code with the server. These customized apps also allow customers to view the menu and order summary, as well as pay whenever they are ready.

General Payment Apps

For restaurants that choose not to use a branded app, there are still many ways to integrate payment technology into the dining experience. For example, apps like Split grant access to a variety of restaurants that have integrated and mobile payment capabilities. Customers can still enjoy fast and convenient service; they can easily select a restaurant, open a tab, review the check and even split the bill right from their smartphone.

Tabletop Options

Yet another option, tabletop ordering has become popular with chain restaurants like Chili’s and Applebee’s. This technology allows customers to view the menu, order and split and pay their bill via tablet. The idea behind this option is that it removes the awkwardness that receiving the bill poses to a vibrant social experience.

Where to Find the Right Payment Technology

Every business’ needs are different. The same is true of a business’ customers. To ensure your restaurant is offering the payment options your customers prefer and expect, it is important to choose the right payment processor. If you need safe and multiple payment processing options for your restaurant, consider the many reviews Best Payment Providers has to offer. Easily browse and compare providers and choose the right company that will help your business thrive.

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