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Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Are you trying to obtain an ideal debit/credit-card machine to accept payments online? How can you find the right one that’ll excellently suit the nature of your business?  No worries! Just read this article to discover a true payment expert that can help you with the right card machine such as an RMS card machine for online payment processing.

Card Processing & Card Machines

No matter you’re running a brick-and-mortar business or operating online, by phone or mail order, you can’t do without credit-card processing services in this day and age. Otherwise, you won’t be able to serve all your customers and fight the competition in the field.

For this, you need a credit-card machine, which will enable you to accept card payments electronically. Whether you need a countertop card machine, portable card machine, or a mobile card machine, it’s crucial to turn to a reputable payment processing company to get the best for your business.

RMS Card Machine & Not Only: Best Payment Providers

Quality credit-card machines can help you accept card payments more easily than even before. With the right credit card processing company, you can get the best merchant account and payment processing solutions that can keep you away from the hassles coming from traditional payment processing companies.

Consider working with a reputable merchant services comparison company like Best Payment Providers to find really best deal for your business. With Best Payment Providers, you can have the best review of contracts, rates, and fees, as well as enjoy the lowest rates in the UK.

You won’t deal with extra costs and dishonest sales tactics, and will enjoy the most honest snapshot of card machine providers in the country. With Best Payment Providers, consultation and advice are free.

Here’s a list of the best card machine provider in the UK:

  • Cayan – Serves over 130.000 businesses
  • – Great for a free personalized account to meet your business needs
  • Elavon MobileMerchant – Perfect for next-day deposits to a bank account and best for phone support
  • Flagship – Offers competitive rates for a large variety of hardware options
  • iZettle – Provides the largest variety of accepted cards and is ideal for those who just need a card machine
  • Leaders – Specializes in small-business solutions
  • Payment Cloud – Specializes in high-risk accounts
  • Payment Depot – Offers subscription-based pricing and affordable per-transaction processing fees
  • PayPal – Accepts PayPal and major cards and is the best one for online integration with PayPal
  • Square – Guarantees fast setup with no commitment and is great for those who need more than a card machine
  • SumUp – This a dedicated, standalone credit-card machine provider is perfect for starters
  • WorldPay Zinc’s – Can be used for handling phone and in-person payments, as well as is fine for phone payments and for those who’re interested in working with a reputable payments brand

By the way, if you’ve decided to get a Retail Merchant Services or RMS card machine, here’s what Best Payment Providers thinks about the company:

  • It’s great that RMS’s customers can access its entire inventory of products/services and enjoy the latest products/services.
  • It’s not good that contracts with RMS are for 3 years and you’ll be charged a high early termination fee. Besides, the company uses independent sales representatives and resellers, and there’re complaints about misleading sales tactics and hidden costs.

If you think figuring out the best card machine for your business is intimidating, just turn to a respectable payment-processing comparison company that can help you discover the benefits of card machines and make the best choice easily.

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