Duplicate Transactions: Visa & Coinbase: Worldpay Complaints

Friday, September 28th, 2018

Worldpay and Coinbase have been working with Visa and Visa-issuing banks on the matter of duplicate transactions. If you’re interested in Worldpay complaints or payment processing issues concerning Worldpay, Visa, and Coinbase, this article is right for you.

Worldpay-Visa-Coinbase on Duplicate Transactions

In February 2018, the companies worked together on the reversed duplicate transactions. Appropriate credits were posted to cardholder accounts. All reversal transactions were issued. Cardholders were told they would appear on customers’ credit/debit card accounts within a few days.

Coinbase is the leading marketplace in the US that’s purchasing and selling major cryptocurrencies. Lots of Coinbase users used Reddit and other social media platforms to express their complaints concerning duplicate transaction charges. These charges sometimes dropped the bank account to zero, with overdraft fees.

According to Coinbase, many customers had added credit cards as their preferred payment method. In fact, Coinbase had been actively cooperating with card networks and card issuers to see what could be done for long-term success.

Be aware that Coinbase has recently warned that banks could require cash advance fees for purchasing cryptocurrencies through credit cards. To stay away from such charges, the company recommended US customers to use a debit card or a bank account instead of a credit card.

Visa-MasterCard-Worldpay: Do You Have Worldpay Complaints?

In April 2018, Visa reported that its Q2 earnings had exceeded analysts’ expectations. The company witnessed a YoY increase of nearly 13%. After such expectation-exceeding results, Visa reported the company would raise its forecast for the year to a high 20%-point range.

By the way, Mastercard and Worldpay are focused on promoting Mastercard’s Pay by Bank system. This is expected to bring about fierce competition under the updated Payment Services Directive (PSD2). That latter came into force in 2018.

According to a recent report by EY and UK Finance, the banking and payments industry association of the country, UK customers turned to their mobile banking apps 5.5 billion times last year. This is 13% more than in 2016.

According to some research carried out by Visa, UK retail mobile payments rose 336% in the 1st half of 2017. The retail payment processor Worldpay has reported similar results as well.

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