Cumberland Farms Offering New Payment Option: More to Know

Wednesday, July 10th, 2019

Cumberland Farms has developed a new loyalty and payment app to offer 2 payment options and a Coffee Cup-Scription™ program. What are you offering or planning to offer to your customers? Are you interested in exceptional payment-processing services? If yes, this article is right for you.

Cumberland Farms Offers a New Payment Card Option
The leading coffee, convenience and gasoline retailer has recently launched its new app. This is, in fact, the next step in its SmartPay Check-Link® program, which has been a real success. Now, users can enjoy 2 payment options offered by the company. These include:

• SmartPay Check-Link®
This one can get linked to a checking account or Netspend® account and help users save 10 cents per gallon each day.

• A Prepaid Account
This one comes with a minimum of $25 load and can get linked to a credit/debit card and help users save 10 cents per gallon for their 1st 30 days of enrollment.

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More to Know
Did you know that the retailer started its operation in 1939 and now it’s become a network of about 600 convenience stores available in 8 states? In fact, this is still a family-owned company. According to the retail company’s SVP of marketing Gwen Forman, they’re thrilled to launch this new app.

You can download the company’s new app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The new payment option enables the company to offer gas savings, 2 mobile payment options, plus rewards and additional benefits. With their innovative Coffee Cup-Subscription program, you can enjoy both added value and increased convenience.

The leading convenience and gasoline retailer operating in Westborough, Massachusetts has recently introduced its new app. The latter is bringing fresh air into the field. The new app now provides consumers with 2 payment options, rewards, as well as additional savings.

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