BitPay + Coinbase: Instant, No-Fee Blockchain Payments

Friday, September 25th, 2020

BitPay, global provider of blockchain payments, has recently expanded its offerings. Namely, the company has recently decided to integrate with cryptocurrency platform Coinbase, which can provide users with instant, no-fee blockchain payments. If you’re interested in this type of cryptocurrency integration and need help with payment processors, read the lines below.  

BitPay’s Cryptocurrency Integration With Coinbase

Payment company BitPay has recently announced its integration with Coinbase. This enables users to spend crypto such as USD Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as other cryptocurrencies at BitPay-enabled merchants right from a Coinbase account. Such upgrade allows users to avoid peer-to-peer movement of funds.

In fact, the Coinbase integration has been part of the BitPay Wallet App since the very start. Now, the integration between Coinbase and BitPay allows users for making payments right from their Coinbase account. Thanks to such integration, business owners can enjoy new global opportunities for accepting and paying with crypto.

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Buying Cryptocurrency From Within the BitPay Wallet App 

BitPay, a provider of Blockchain payment technology, has been working on a new feature to allow for buying cryptos like XRP and stablecoins. This new option is developed to enable users to purchase cryptocurrency from within the BitPay Wallet App using Wyre. 

BitPay reports that customers can now buy Bitcoin and ETH using a debit card or Apply Pay via the mobile app. The purchase of XRP and stablecoins can be made via purchasing channels such as Samsung and Google Pay.

So, BitPay, a Blockchain payment-technology provider, has recently talked about its integration with Coinbase to offer instant, no fee Blockchain payments. The company has also been working on providing a new feature to allow for buying cryptocurrency from within the BitPay Wallet App using Wyre.

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